The Black Girl Do Heal from Within

I was on a call the other day and I heard a woman say, Black Girls Do Heal from Within! I thought that was so good because often times trauma from the past, causes so many women to not heal. But what if, we tell black women, WE DO HEAL FROM WITHIN. I think so many would find themselves again.

So often we hide behind the trauma because no one tells us, it’s ok to heal! I know so many women who have went through so many things that healing is the farthest from their minds.

First and foremost, most don’t even know healing is necessary! Most think they can bury their traumas away and everything will be ok.

The truth of the matter is, you can only heal from things when you address them. How can you address your trauma? First by being honest with yourself. That’s a hard thing to do, yet a rewarding thing! It’s ok to admit you made some dumb decisions along this journey called life. But it’s also ok to forgive yourself for making those decisions. FORGIVENESS IS HOW YOU HEAL FROM WITHIN!

So many times we dwell in the fact that we made a horrible decision and we deserve the life that is being handed to us. No, that’s all wrong. No one deserves a life that is not full of happy days or full of life type days. You can’t beat yourself up for the decisions you made years ago.

Life is full of surprises that most of us never really see coming. I’m going to be a little transparent real fast. My entire world changed when my sister left this earth. I had so many thoughts of not knowing how my life would turn out. I remember failing in nursing school that year. I remember looking at my mom, saying how can I be so broken and help my mom all at the same time. I was lost because the one person who help me in life was gone. I was 23 years old when she died and she left behind 3 young kids. I was the aunt that gave them everything! Now I have to be a mother figure and I have never had to be a mom before to no one. How do a 23 year old go from living her glamorous life to feeling so depleted because never being in a situation like that before. My entire world shut down! I no longer could go have fun with my friends. I could no longer be a kid. I had to adult up if that’s a word. I had to become grown and not complain because complaining would only make matters worse. I remember I shut everything down and I went back and applied for school. I got in and the rest is history. I was so broken but I didn’t let that hinder me. I didn’t choose for my sister to leave our lives and it was definitely something I couldn’t control. I have been through so much in life as a young person. My 20s were some of the hardest years of my life! As I’m sure many of my readers can relate. I promised myself my 30s belonged to me! I changed my mindset toward so much in my 30s. Sometimes you must unlearn some things to relearn somethings.

I gave myself some grace as I do every now and again! I forgave myself for giving to everyone around me and not giving myself a ounce of love or care! We sometimes give to others so much that we have nothing left to give to ourselves. I was giving my entire self to my mom, my nephews, my children, and my husband. When it came to me, I had nothing to give. I would give so much advice to so many others that I had to learn, I must take my own advice and start living for me! I had to forgive myself for abandoning ME! WHEEWW how many of us have abandon ourselves for the sake of others?

You abandon yourself so many times. You have abandoned your dreams! You have abandoned your way of how you see yourself because the opinions of others. You have abandoned your goals and the life you knew you wanted for yourself for the sake of others. You have abandon yourself and never apologized for doing so!

When are you going to forgive yourself?

See most of the time we don’t ever forgive ourselves. And that alone will cause you not to heal! You must forgive yourself for treating YOU so horribly!

Life throws us so many lemons and truthfully you must always make lemonade with those lemons. If you don’t, life will be hard to be in!

Let’s get personal for a second,

How can you heal from within?

You are not sure if you are good enough but deep down you know why that is that way, forgive yourself and find peace to let go!

You have not been who God called you to be, find strength to live in your gift and purpose no matter what others think

You are the light that walks in rooms full of darkness, OWN YOUR SPACE!!

Take a moment everyday and write why you love you!

Find gratitude in the simply things such as you woke up this morning and find grace within your day every day

Love on you even when no one else does

Let go of the unnecessary things in your life! If it doesn’t make you happy, let it go!!!

Be unapologetic about who you are, THEY WILL ADJUST!

Become a new you! Life is about evolving and your PAST DOES NOT DEFINE YOU 😊

Forgive yourself for all the bad decisions you thought you made. Remember everything happens for a reason. And everything doesn’t just happens to us but happens for US!

Forgive others even if it’s the last thing you do in life! Forgiving others makes all the difference when we talk about healing from within! Find a space to forgive and fill that same space with light and love!

How do black girls heal? We heal from everything once we forgive ourselves and show ourselves a little grace!! Grace is the the best thing you can give yourself! Once you have forgiven yourself and others, change your mindset to be better! Once you be better, tell your story because telling your story helps the next woman and that alone brings some form of healing!

The Black girl does Heal from within!

8 thoughts on “The Black Girl Do Heal from Within

  1. This was an amazing read!!! I really needed this at the very moment of my life. I’m so thankful that God gives of the grace to heal and to also forgive other as they do not know what they are doing. Thank you again

  2. This is so necessary for so many!! Healing and forgiving! I totally agree that we must give ourselves permission to start forgiving so that we can heal! We all make mistakes but we can’t let the mistakes dictate who our future endeavors!! Your personal sharing was so impressive! It shows the reader how to deal with vulnerability. I am so enjoying your writings!! You truly have been gifted!

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