Are you taking God’s Gifts and Talents for Granted?

This may be the realest blog I have ever wrote! I’m so thankful to still be blogging and still have my readers read the blogs. I feel like I want more for my blog to interact on a personal level with my readers! I get a lot of messages on IG and Facebook saying, how much I inspire people.

I said coming into 2021, I wanted to be more authentic with my readers and more transparent. It’s not like I haven’t been, but I hold back a lot, because I do not want the judgment of others. I realize that comes with the territory. I realize no matter how good I am, there will always be a HATER! I realize no matter how deep I am, it will always be someone who just don’t get it. I also realize no matter how much I put my time and effort into this blog, some just won’t read it! Truth is, that’s exactly why I have to continue blogging.

It’s the girl who sits up late at night, coming to this blog and finding hope to keep going. It’s the girl that wants to work on herself, but doesn’t have the guidance to do so, yet she find guidance in these blogs. It’s the girl who has relationship issues and yet my blogs help her understand her spouse just a little better! It’s those people I have to keep blogging for because those are my people.

I have notice being in business, blogging, creating Facebook post, and everything else, SOME PEOPLE are just not your PEOPLE! That’s ok!!!

Everyone will not like what you doing, simply because it’s you doing it!!! Yet so many will love what you are doing, just because it’s you doing it!

I realize as much as I want to stop blogging, God will NOT let me! I have tried over and over again! Nothing has worked!

God tugs at your heart when you are doing his purpose for your life! It’s a feeling that you just can’t shake! And when you are done with the assignment or working in the assignment, the feeling doesn’t appear! But when you are not working in the assignment, THE FEELING LINGERS! Don’t ask my why, because truthfully, I DO NOT KNOW!!

I think we all get a little selfish with our gifts and talents, that we tend to not operate in them fully! It’s like we dibble and dabble here and there! We play with what God has truly blessed us with and if I’m being honest, we TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED! I will be the first to say, I have taken blogging for granted a many times. I have to admit those things in order to hold myself accountable!

I do this stuff so well, it’s like second nature to me, yet I do it when God tugs at me! Instead of doing what God wants me to do, I want to do what I want to do when it comes to creating things. God has already given all of us a blue print for our lives but somehow if we don’t like the blueprint, we try to create another one! What if you told God you was ALL IN WITH HIS PLANS FOR YOUR LIFE? How would things be? Wheewww that’s a word for me and you!!

What has God tugged at your heart with? What has he been telling you to do, that you are not doing? What is YOUR SPARK?

With social media adding glamorous pictures and filters, we want the life of others vs the life God wants for us!

Take a moment and ask yourself what has God been tugging at you about and see if that’s apart of the blueprint for your life!

My pastor said something that stuck with me on yesterday, he said and I quote, WHEN YOU BRING MEANING TO THE WORLD, YOU BRING LIFE TO OTHERS!!!

My blog is bringing so much meaning, yet I really didn’t even know how much life it was bringing to others! This has definitely changed my mindset!

Changing mindsets one at a TIME!!

Lovetsw 💕😘💕

13 thoughts on “Are you taking God’s Gifts and Talents for Granted?

  1. From the mouth of babes! 🤗 You are a blessing to so many! We all have God given gifts but are sometimes reluctant to use them because of fear of reprisals by others. Keep encouraging others! Your light shines bright in the darkness that is surrounding so many! Keep following in your PURPOSE.❤️

    1. Awww I absolutely love you Ms. Sheryl! You are amazing and have always been! Thank you so much for those encouraging words means a lot! You are exactly right about being reluctant because of fear of reprisals by others!!!! I have struggled with holding back to not be too much of a light and it has really cost me! I have decided to go and let God do the rest!

    2. Awww I absolutely love you Ms. Sheryl! You are amazing and have always been! Thank you so much for those encouraging words means a lot! You are exactly right about being reluctant because of fear of reprisals by others. I truly adore you and so thankful God placed you in my life!!! ❤️😘

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