Welcome to my WORLD 😊 This is where the healing begins! My hope for every reader is that my words bring about healing, change, and a sense of self love and self worth in BECOMING A BETTER PERSON! You are about to be on this amazing journey with me! I’m super excited to hear from so many of you!

5 Things to know about me

1. I am a perfectionist who hates when things are out of order.

2. I love kids. Kids bring a certain peace to my soul. I always say I should have been a teacher instead of being a nurse.

3. I love being in touch with myself. Self- love is a real biggie to me. I love being alone exploring my thoughts. I love being a phenomenal woman.

4. I love/hate change. It’s like I know it needs to happen but I like to gradually approach change. I don’t have a problem with change but I have a problem with how it may be approached. Very sudden change disrupts everything about me lol.

5. I am a romantic to my heart. I absolutely love love!!! I wish everyone could encounter being with their soulmate. I think love is a beautiful thing. I truly believe LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

Thanks to so many of you who never left and who supported me with everything like starting this blog😘


I absolutely love sports! I am a die hard New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers fan! I love to watch football on Saturdays and Sundays when these two teams are playing. I do not have a basketball team all because my favorite player moves around so much lol. LeBron James is my favorite player!

What are some of your favorite teams and player?

I enjoy dressing in heels. I feel so sexy when I put on a pair of heels. Do you think heels make you feel sexy or just apart of your outfit

✨Keep smiling and keep pushing✨There will be days you want to QUIT, but that’s when you MUST remember why you STARTED in the first place ✨😊 It’s okay to STOP, but it’s not ok to QUIT✨Find balance and tell yourself, YOU GOT THIS😊


15 thoughts on “Home

  1. You are a once in a lifetime person that I’m so honored to call a friend/sister πŸ’— I thank you for being so real☺️

  2. Tarnisha(Bird) so proud of you. This is giving me insight to look within. Continue to enncourage.

  3. Tarnisha, I am so proud of the young lady/wife/mother you’ve become. May God continue to bless you through everything you touch. Love you Bird.

    1. Thank you so much! I wish you would have left your name so I could know who I’m talking about. I truly thank you for all the kind words! I love you back πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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