Something new

This summer I decided to do something really BOLD lol. I did blonde braids for the very first time and I was super scared to see the outcome. I have been enjoying the journey of exploring new things. The unknown is the fear factor but somehow we must fight the fear that's deep down on [...]


Oh what a week!! Perseverance is the word I am going to use this week!!! It’s Friday and the sun is shining ☀️! Thanking God for a warm home, running water, and a beautiful, sunny day! ☀️ Today I woke up with a smile and gratitude! I think we all know by now after every [...]

Embrace Evolving

Happy Sunday my beautiful people!! There is going to come a time in your life, that things are going to start to look a little different around you. Things are going to feel different as well. The people that was once there with you, will no longer be there. The way you view things will [...]