Confidence is Powerful

Confidence requires you to know yourself and this is what makes it so POWERFUL!!

I love being confident in everything I do! I find I am my strongest when I’m operating in confidence. Many times we shrink ourselves when we’re around individuals who are not so confident. We are so worried about what others think of us, we forget to ask what do we think of oneself.

Confidence is not always about what you look like. Sometimes it’s about how you feel about certain things. Sometimes it’s your perspective on things. Sometimes it’s how you are able to articulate your thoughts. Sometimes it’s how you can captivate a room when you walk into it. Sometimes it’s how you make others feel while being in your presence. It can also show up in how you operate in certain situation. The way you are able to handle things.

Confidence is something that is within, allowing you to be more than what the mind could comprehend. It’s almost like an alter ego that kicks in.

Confidence can be very contagious sometimes or it can be very annoying. It depend on what environment it has to dwell inside. This is why your environments matters, especially for a very confident person. You can’t be confident in a toxic environment!!! You will intimidate the environment because of the reflection it will begin to show. Confidence is always compared to being arrogant. Arrogance only appears when there is an insecurity within.

When you are a confident person you must dwell in like minded environments!!!! There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is why it is so important to be aware of your surroundings. You ever heard someone say, show me your friends , and I will show you your future! Who are you hanging around?

What if you never had confidence because no one ever made you feel as though you should be confident? Take a moment and smile! 1. You are worthy to be confident because you were made to be Confident! It’s powerful! 2. Find out who you are and that will bring confidence your way without a shadow of doubt.

There was a time in my life where I felt as though being confident made me feel weird at times. It was when I realized, so many factors played very important roles in me feeling that way. I needed to let go some old friends and family members who couldn’t handle my confidence! ITS OK TO DO THAT 😊. It brings so much peace! I had to stop feeling like I needed to fit in, this is where the weirdness would come in. I had to stop dimming my light when being around certain people. This made me feel as if I wasn’t worthy to be confident. I felt judged as well because I was only being me. I had to realize there are some people who are going to rock with me and then there are some that ARE NOT!!!! Either way I’m good, because I will be being TRUE TO MYSELF ABOVE EVERYTHING! The moment I learned being true to myself was vital to my growth, I embraced it and started living freely!!!! That’s when I learned MY CONFIDENCE WAS VERY RADIANT! It was IN MY DNA AND IT MADE UP EVERYTHING ABOUT ME!!! I literally began to understand, I could change an environment just by my presence being available.

Confidence requires you to know yourself and this is what makes it so POWERFUL!!

Find out who you are and live in that TRUTH, this is what true, powerful confidence is all about!


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