Powerful human beings

You are so beautiful and powerful! God has created you to be amazing!

We are going through one of the craziest times we have ever witness in our lives.

If you are anything like myself, you are not trying to let any of this have you living in fear. I always say be proactive and not fearful. I think we are so powerful that we can create our surroundings in which we choose to be around.

I also feel like the energy you are giving off can be very powerful!

Don’t sit and watch the news all day. And don’t be on social media all day. It just does something to your energy.

Remember your eyes and mind work hand in hand.

I’m home with my kids and I find this to be a beautiful time to love on them, but also a time where aggravation sets in as well. Lol I know you didn’t think I was going to be that mom!!! Like the perfect mom story!! No, we are all humans and yes they can find those last nerves that’s hanging on by a thread to work on. Lol 😊

Of course I always find ways to turn negative energy into positive energy

As we wait to see when this craziness will end

Here are some things to keep you focus on being powerful while being home with your babies or just while being home period.

Stay in the moment- we all have wished to be home with our kids instead of being at work. This is the time to sit still and find peace within your surroundings.

Get up at the same time you normally get up

Set a schedule- we have time now! The time I would be in traffic- I am going to pray and meditate

Get some rest- Relax a little

Color with your babies- this is by far what has been keeping my kids quiet. Or have them color while you do some work.

Send them outside in the backyard for about 30 minutes – 1h. This is something they were doing in school. That energy needs to go somewhere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

Fix a good breakfast so they do not get hungry fast- you have time.

Give 1 snack close to the afternoon keep their same school schedule.- keep the sugar down=energy

Do a vision board- being creative. This makes time go by

Give them their electronics maybe every 4 hours for only 1 hour.

Clean up – it’s SPRING TIME! Spring forward and get rid of stuff!!! Have the kids help!!

Focus on loving your babies and find peace early in the morning for you to be powerful for the day.

Monday- create a day to get in rhythm! Get some Fresh Air

Tuesday- do what you did Monday and add something creative to the day. Read something to your kids or let them read to you- Get some Fresh Air

Wednesday- make that a lighter day. Maybe let the kids sleep a little longer if you are home with them. If not, figure something out that means lighter. Get some Fresh Air

Thursday- let your kids finish up whatever they didn’t do earlier in the week to finish the week off strong . Get some Fresh Air

Friday- TGIF, add a little more fun things, also movie day or night. Get some Fresh Air

You are very powerful!!!! Mother Nature has always been here to teach us, WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED!


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  1. I love this!! “mother nature has always been here to teach us” is beautiful. I love how you say “get some fresh air” because it can be easy forgetting to do that nowadays. Love these tips and I hope you continue to cherish your family the way you do! <3

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