Looking within the depths of your soul is where you will find YOUR TRUEST SELF!! When was the last time you did some soul searching? I urge you to take a moment and discover your truest self by looking within.

Often times we are so aware of what’s around us verses being aware of what’s inside of us.

We can tell everyone the latest of everything happening in society. We can discuss many things that are popular around us. We can talk about what was being discussed on social media. Oh, but let someone ask what do you feel deep down in your soul. Your mind becomes blank!!! I am very guilty of this as well.

I had to take time away from things to see what I was truly becoming. How I was becoming And most importantly why was I becoming who I was becoming.

You want true self worth, LOOK WITHIN!

You will find all the answers you are looking for.

See, when you know who you are, no one and I mean no one can tell you otherwise!!!!

The feeling of how others perceive you, will no longer matter!!!

The reason this is so, is because, you will find a confidence that is unmatched. You will become aware of your existence and that alone will allow you to feel your self worth!!

So many people miss out on many great things because they do not know who they are!!!!

So many people miss out on great relationships because they do not know their worth.

So many people miss out on job opportunities because they do not know their worth.

So many people miss out on love because they do not know their worth.

So many people miss out on business opportunities because they do not know their worth.

When you do not know your worth, you live in a very small bubble! You become angry at the world. You become mad at yourself often because of the choices you make or have made. You become an entire mess because you DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

Many people make smart decisions because they understand their worth! You don’t have to be the smartest in the world to make smart decisions, but you do have to have a sense of who you!!!!

Self worth = good decisions

Ask yourself when was the last time you made a bad decision and just evaluate the circumstances. Was it a lack of poor choice or was it because you didn’t know your worth?…… THOUGHTS πŸ’­


This is why it is so important for one to know thyself!!! Not what the world thinks of you, but what you think of yourself!

This will fuel you into becoming who you suppose to BE!!

How often do you sit alone and think about your dreams, where you are headed, are you truly happy, do you really like where you are in life, and most importantly, are you satisfied with your decisions you have made along the way?

The reason I ask these things is because, you will find something inside of you go off. I will trigger something to make you say ummm πŸ€”. If you do not have something go off, you are not in tune with yourself. To not be in tune with yourself is far worst than knowing your self worth!!!

When you are out of sync with who God has called you to become, you will do things that will only bring happiness for the moment!

When you are not in tune with yourself, you settle

When you are not in tune with yourself, you force things to happen verses allowing them to flow!

Your life is suppose to be like water!!! It is suppose to flow like the ocean does! There should be an endless amount of blessing flowing in your life just like the oceans of the world! No one knows where the ocean ends!!!! No one should know where your blessings end!! Flow like an ocean!! Look within to create a flow of blessings!!!



Laugh for no reason

Be kind

Show yourself some love

Find a quiet place

Read something that will be interesting




THINK ABOUT SOMETHING THAT MADE YOU HAPPY AS A KID!!! Smile and feel the depths of your soul smile!!!


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