Self-Care- #2 Prayer is the essence of self-care

Do you have prayer apart of your daily routine? How often are you sending prayers up? How often do you sit still and long enough to hear the answers to your prayers? Do you have a routine with your prayer? Do you even know how to pray? Are you scared to pray? Do you feel like you don’t know the right words to say to God when you pray? What type of prayer life do you have? Is it only praying in the mornings? Is it praying daily or all day? Is it only happening when night fall?

Take a moment and think to yourself what type of prayer life do you have.

Prayer is the essence of self-care!!!

Why is prayer apart self-care?

I’m glad you asked. The reason prayers should be apart of your every day regimen, is because PRAYERS ARE YOUR INTIMATE MOMENTS WITH GOD!!!

What other person in this world would you rather be intimate with, other than God? We often times think we have it all figured out until we get into a place of uncertainty. Our uncertainty then allows us to pursue God’s advice on dealing with the situations that are at hand.

What if we was intimate with God all the time? Like he was literally our everything. The first person we talk with when we open our eyes, the person we consult when we need a helping hand, the one we communicate with when figuring out things beyond our control, and the one we tend to speak with at the end of the night before bedtime.

Sometimes we forget how intimate God wants us to be with him. We only go to God when there is a need. When there is a want, we make sure we speak with him about those things.

You caring about yourself is speaking to God about you daily!!!!

Communicating about your well being with God is beyond amazing.

You find out a lot about yourself when you speak with God about you.

The things you like, dislike, need, do not need, want, do not want, love, and do not love.

God knows more about you than anyone on this planet! We want to tell our friends about things before going to God, we want to go to our spouses before going to God, and mostly we want to handle everything on our own, before going to God! We are so backwards when it comes to seeking God when it comes to our well being, which is SELF!

When you are caring about yourself you seek God! You want to know why, because God knows how to direct you with YOU! He will have you understanding everything about yourself . That is the major reason why prayer is key to your self-care.

Prayer changes everything! I want to smile right here!!! I want you to smile right here! You know why, because if you are going through something allow prayer to change YOU!! Prayer changes everything and in that everything is YOU!!!

You want to change anything about yourself, spend some intimate time with God. Speak to him like you do your friends. Find comfort in knowing God loves your intimate time!

You ever heard anyone say, when God wants to get your attention, he sits you STILL!!! To be still is to be in peace and to be in peace is to be in God’s presence…

If you want peace in your life, GET INTIMATE WITH GOD!

Try being intimate and praying to God about everything. Your entire life will change!!!!

Prayer is the way we are intimate with GOD


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