Self-Care- #1 Checking In

How often do you reflect on who you truly are? What do you truly need as a human being? Why do you exist in this world? What was God thinking when he created you? How are you aligning with your calling and your true purpose in life? Have you even thought about any of that?

When was the last time you checked in with yourself? Like, when was the last time you asked yourself, how are you? When was the last time you felt connected with yourself?

So many times we allow others to fill that gap for us. We wait for someone to check in on us and then when others don’t, we get mad. We tend to feel like, if no one is checking on me, then why would I check on anyone. But let’s be honest, when was the last time you checked on you? Sound crazy but is true, we rarely check on ourselves.

I try to check on and in with myself once a week. I want to know how am I doing. Have I been able to get the things I needed to get done, done? If not, why am I not getting them done. I check to see what have I accomplished from week to week. Have I even stopped to appreciate the things I have already accomplish or am I just trying to accomplish things just to say I have accomplished anything? I want to see how I am growing as a woman, mother, and wife. I want to know what am I doing toward my purpose in life. I want to know if I’m doing things to make the creator happy or not. I question a lot of things I do, because I know myself better than anyone in this world.

During the Christmas holidays, I completely checked out. I didn’t do anything. I was social media crazy. I checked on myself and found out, my house was a wreck! I realized the days were passing me by and I hadn’t spent anytime with my family. I basically was on social media scrolling on my phone most of the days. I took accountability on that day I checked in, and begin to do things with my kids and my husband. I played the video game(something I did not know how to do with Cash). I had to ask him to teach me. I went to lay across Cay bed to see what was the latest gossip about with her friends. Lol I wanted to see if they enjoyed Christmas and found out Cay didn’t even believe in Santa Claus ,😳 I was like WHAT! I was actually kinda glad but it was a moment for me to realize, my baby was growing up.

My husband and I shared a really special moment at a new restaurant. I really enjoyed myself with my husband. We conversed and laughed about a lot of things. We hadn’t went out in over a month. It’s always important to date for that very reason, so you can catch up without the kids being around. You can hear yourself when they are not at the table lol. It was beautiful and magical to still be able to smile at the man I been in love with for 18years.

So yeah, when was the last time you checked in on yourself. Self- Care is a necessity!!! Find time for you and adjust accordingly.

I hope as the year starts, you make this a habit starting today, if you haven’t already.

I want to hear from you and want to know when was the last time you checked in.


4 thoughts on “Self-Care- #1 Checking In

  1. I remember someone asking me a couple of years ago how do I decompress being that I listen to other people’s issues daily because of my profession. When she asked I had to really think about it and I answered honestly by saying “nothing.” I think I used to “check out’ and just became a busybody. So, at that point I realized I didn’t take the time to “check in” and actually take care of myself. Since then I make it a daily habit to pay attention to my own needs and decompress.

    1. That’s a good one! I never thought about that being you are constantly dealing with those different types of energies. The fact you realized you wasn’t checking in, is amazing. Now you do it daily which is also awesome! Thank you so much for that insight. Mental health is real! 💕💯

  2. I have made checking on myself part of my routine making sure I’m okay making sure I’m completing me as a woman wife and mother……Love this post!!!!

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