Self-Care #3 Change

I want to talk about change that relates to self-care. It’s called evolving

The moment you allow yourself to grow, you will then understand why you can no longer apologize for any of it!!!!!!!! The right people will adjust and the wrong ones will fall off!! It’s called EVOLVING!!!!!

The one thing I can tell someone about change is, do not be afraid to change. Do not apologize for changing. Changing is apart of life. Change is becoming different.

I find that when you reflect back over your life, you can see patterns that has allowed you to be who you are and where you are right now. Take a moment and think about what you have done to get to the place you are in right now, as you read this blog. This could be a good place or a bad place. Either way today will be life changing.

Have you stayed stagnant or have you evolved?

Self-care is all about changing what is better for you and your well being. Often times we negotiate with change because of the affect it will have on others. Most people worry about how others feel when change occurs in their lives. At the beginning, I said do not apologize for changing. The reason I stated that, was because I too have apologized for changing several times in my life. Then I realized, change needs to happen in order for one to grow(one to evolve).


When I say I have apologized, the apology was not  a verbal one. Most of the time we are too coward to verbally apologize for saying what we truly want. I honestly did it with my actions and not my words. If I am being honest, I continued to be in spaces, I really did not have no business being in. I brushed off my feelings just so I could fit in. For a long time, I did things I truly did not want to do, so nobody would say I was changing or for better terms(acting funny). As I was brushing my feelings off, I was stunting my growth.

Yes, I was stunting my growth!!!! I did not realize we were created to change!! When you were in the womb, there were so many changes occurring as your mother prepared her body for your arrival. Her body changed, her moods changed, her perspective changes, and her environment changed. Your body changed from this little fetus to a new born baby with so many body parts. Imagine not growing in your mother’s womb.Image if change did not occur! You was not meant to stay the same or in the same environment. 

How many of you have been stunting your growth to fit in where you knew deep down you no longer belonged?

Signs of stunting you growth for change,

  1. Staying in relationships that no longer served you, never meeting new people
  2. Scared to be alone or do things alone
  3. Scared to walk out on faith for something you’ve been praying for
  4. Being around people who are complacent
  5. Staying in the same environment for years
  6. Allowing someone to treat you like you do not want to be treated for years
  7. No vision for your life, you are stagnant
  8. Being afraid of what others may think about you or say about you
  9. Allowing things to happen over and over in your life without putting an end to it
  10. Doing the same things and never doing anything new for the first time in your life
  11. Educating yourself beyond the books that were taught in school

Last year, I went through a really big change! God had me in a place where it required being alone. It was a very painful transition, but was worth so much joy in the end. I often think about, where would I be if God would not have made me sit still  and be alone. I was able to find out so much about myself. I was able to understand why some things were given to me and why some were taking away from me. I was able to learn about my imperfection(flaws). I was able to see what I wanted and did not want. I was able to say I am okay with being alone, because I am an introvert. I never really knew I was an introvert, being that I love people, but I am. I am different and I own all of being different. I finally received clarity on why elevation causes separation and everybody can’t go with you. How much would I have missed out on with myself, if I never would have sat still?  BE STILL and get away from all the noise!!

How much would I have missed out on with myself,if I didn’t allow God to do his thing with me?

That’s deep because when you understand you, everything else will fall in place. I feel like shouting because that one sentence just touched me. We miss out on so much of ourselves when you do not allow change to happen around us, through us, and most all, for us!!! 

The moment you allow yourself to grow you will then understand why you can’t no longer apologize for any of it!!!!!!!!

What have you missed out on lately because of no change?  Take some time and reflect on this question. I promise a light bulb will go off in your head.

Things happen in your life for a reason! Pay attention to those things. Sometimes all it requires is some change to make sense of things, when there is no understanding. 









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