Becoming a mom is the most rewarding thing in life. It is also one of the hardest job you will ever love. 

There is joy in being a mom, but there can also be moments when you just don’t know. You don’t know what’s next. You don’t know if you are doing a great job. You don’t know if you have done all you can. You don’t know if you are making a mistake. You just don’t know!!!

Most moms try their hardest to be the VERY BEST they can be and still feel like IT IS NOT ENOUGH!

I’m here to tell you that, BEING A MOM IS FULL OF MISTAKES! But that’s how you become a great mom! Making so many mistakes helps you get it right along the way. No mom is perfect and no mom KNOWS IT ALL!!

We are all so caught up in being the perfect mom, that we actually become a horrible mom! I say horrible mom because you forget to take care of yourself. It’s mom, mom, mom ALL DAY AND EVERY DAY!

Being a mom doesn’t mean you lose yourself in the process. Being a mom is just another title God gives us.

Find balance with being a mom, being a wife/girlfriend, and most importantly being YOU!

Enjoy your kids but don’t forget about you! Those kids will grow up, be beautiful adults and live life to the fullest all because you showed them how to do it! Kids repeat what they see. If they see you strictly focusing on them, never taking time out for yourself, looking a mess, always tired, always fussing, never no excitement, always stressed out, and always full of pity, THOSE KIDS WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO BE THEIR BEST!!!

Moms, always find time for yourself! Even if it’s just riding in a car in silence. Getting in a bubble bath, with soft music, and a glass of wine or whatever you prefer. Going to get your nails, feet, and hair done. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you play good!!!! Hanging out with yourself sometimes can help you regroup!

I see so many moms finding so much joy in their kids that they forget about WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY WANTED TO BECOME. They life truly stops and never get picked back up.

It is ok to be a little selfish and say no to your kids and husband/boyfriend.

To my single moms who never seem to catch a  break, STOP FEELING LIKE YOU CANT BE SELFISH! You too can be a little selfish! You try your best to fill both mom and dad roles that you can’t even think straight! Find some balance! YOU ARE JUST THE MOM! Let God guide you and JUST BE THAT NUTURING MOM GOD CREATED! You can’t be dad EVER! You can’t fill those shoes!! Stop beating yourself up and just love your kids like we as moms know how to do! Take some time out for yourself before you become so burnt out, and say the hell with being a parent.

Married women, step out with your girls every once in a while. ITS NEEDED! Hubby will be fine. Being married sometimes feel like you have your kids and that extra kid(your hubby). So get out and breathe a little. We need space sometimes just to regroup from all the pressure of being a good wife and good mom. It’s ok to say no and to be a little selfish too.

Being a woman comes with so many responsibilities that sometimes we lose sight of what’s really important. Never let yourself not be IMPORTANT, because you are sometimes the ROCK OF THE FAMILY! AS YOU GO, YOUR FAMILY GOES!!!




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