Refreshing your life! It’s HUMP DAY!


It is WCW AND WWW! So of course I have to refresh my mind with some beautiful photos of myself.

Refreshing your life can be a little overwhelming but I’m here to tell you, that it’s NECESSARY!!!!!!

This morning I listened to Pastor Gray who preaches at LakeView Church in Houston, TX. If I miss the sermon I always go back and listen. Nothing is more refreshing than hearing a word from God.

He blessed my soul with that sermon. The title was called Make ROOM! God spoke straight to me and with some of the things I didn’t want to hear but they were for me.

I realize since I have started blogging, God has allowed a message from either Sunday services or Wednesday night services to relate with the topics.

I know I wanted to talk about I AM today but God spoke something in my spirit to speak about with this series.

When you are refreshing your life, sometimes God need you to let some things go. He wants you to make room by getting rid of STUFF!!

We want to bring old things in the resfreshing stage of our lives, when those things need to be LET GO!

Clutter has always caused problems. Clutter builds dust, makes a straight path crooked, makes things unclear to see, and just makes things MESSY!!!!!

Did you know the internet causes a lot of clutter in our brains? We are on social media for so many hours out the day. I am guilty of this as well.

Did you know the family, friends, and work can begin to be clutter? We are so boggled down with things and people, we don’t even realize THE CLUTTER THEY ARE BRINGING IN OUR LIVES. I am guilty of this as well.

When you are refreshing your life. You can’t just get rid of stuff. Sometimes you have to get rid of people, places and things.

People with no energy or negative energy have to go.

Things that have no value has to go.

Sometimes the areas you are familiar with in life, may need a change. New change of scenery.

Refreshing means just that REFRESH-to start completely over!

We are more similar than we are different.

My only question is what are you making room for in your life as you refresh your life.

I am making room for God to come in and show out in my life. I am going to make time for God and not just any time. I am going to designate some time toward God and get my LIFE!!


I urge you to make room for God as you refresh your life. Maybe that’s all we need to move to the next level.




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