How can I stay positive when everything looks like it is not working in my favor?

Here are some amazing things I have done to stay positive when things did not look too good.

  1. Prayed about the situation- most of us go to everyone except God when things look uncertain. We run to people who do not even have the necessary resources to even help us get out of the situation. Those resources could be advice, a listening ear, money, or even a simple solution to our problem.
  2. Praise and Worship- praise and worship has been my favorite thing to do when things just looked like they were not letting up for the better. In every moment I decided to praise and worship God, the situations began to change immediately. This method has yet to fail me. What worship does is,  it takes your perspective off of what looks bad and turn your thoughts or eyes toward who you know is GOOD!
  3. Take some time to myself. Sometime storms come your way to get your attention. Your Attention! Your Attention! Your Attention! Not every situation is to harm you but some are sent to change you. Some storms are sent to get you back on the right path. Removing yourself from the world like social media, friends, family, and any other things that have your attention, will help you find clarity in why God is doing what he is doing.
  4. Doing my favorite thing! Whatever you find happiness in, attach yourself to that for those low moments. You always find comfort in the things you truly love. We all need something or somewhere that makes us happy!
  5. I know that everything and I mean everything WORKS FOR THE GOOD BECAUSE I LOVE GOD! When you know that everything works for your good, like even the worse days are even working for your good, then you understand THE POWER OF GOD!!!!!!!!



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