March Madness! Your Health Matters!!

Happy Monday! I will be talking about Healthcare/Fitness on my blog the entire month of March! SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

I can’t wait to share the healthcare side of things that are related to fitness! As a nurse of 10 years, I have seen so many people being on all type of medications because of poor diet and not exercising!

I asked God how could I incorporate my nursing with my life coach business. And he gave me the answers in which I will be sharing on my blog!! Please don’t forget about HEAD HELD HIGH WALK IN CONFIDENCE as well @headheldhighwalkinconfidence – this is where all of this is coming from! 😊

A couple of questions I would love to ask are?

When was the last time you check your weight?

When was the last time you took vitamins?

When was the last time you ate healthy?

When was the last time you thought about your health?

When was the last time you seen your MD?

How often do you drink water?

How often do you exercise?

And most importantly, how often do you think about your family history with disease?

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