Who are you attached to?

Out of all the things life has taught me and continues to teach me is, who I am attached to matters. So many relationships form throughout one’s life. Some are amazing and some are not so amazing. The craziest thing to me, is when you truly find out who a person really is after the relationship has ended.

Who are you attached to, is what I ask as you read this blog? I ask that question because so many times we waste time with individuals we shouldn’t have spent another second with. Yes some people make mistakes and you forgive those individuals but some people are just not worthy of your presence.

So very often we are attached to the wrong individuals which hinders so much and so many blessings. Most people are not living the lives they want to live because who they are attached to. Did you know that your blessings could be waiting on you to depart from certain relationships. I mean relationships like friends, jobs, and even spouses(significant other). Some relationships are not built to last for a lifetime yet we spend a lifetime trying to convince ourselves that they should! Let me say that part again!!!

Some relationships are not built to last for a lifetime, yet we spend a lifetime trying to convince ourselves that they should !!!

So many people miss out on opportunities of a lifetime all because who they are attached to!!!

God will give you the desires of your heart but you must be surrounded by individuals who are worthy of your BLESSINGS!!! The reason being, you will want to share that very blessing with those individuals. So when you are not being blessed the way you think you should, check your circle. Check who you are attached to. Check to see how the people you are surrounded with are living. I promise you will look at things differently.

I remember reading something that says, THE BLESSING WAS NOT FOR EVERYONE, IT WAS FOR YOU!! Everyone can’t go with you and everyone can’t experience the blessings you are experiencing! Learn to be ok with that! Like today’s saying goes, normalize keeping blessings just for you!! Normalize everybody is not your friend! Normalize people do be jealous of who you are when they can’t be who they really want to be!!! Normalize it 😊

I notice when I wasn’t sharing certain things with certain people, I started winning!!! I notice when my life was being elevated, I was distant from my so called friends who I ran to tell my every move. I now have a really really small circle ⭕️(I had to add that lol) who I tell things to. I don’t share my blessings with everyone.

Transparency time!!! I am the girl who sees positivity in everything. It’s almost as if I’m naive to things going badly. I live in a bubble that everything will work itself out eventually. I have always been the girl who was popular in school and pretty much had just about everything(GOD’S GRACE)! I have to put that in there because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because I was living this perfect life! So when you grow with materialistic things, you want others to have those things as well right. I have always been the person to share my blessings with others! I’m a giver at heart! I just love to see people smile and be happy. I’m literally the girl you call when you have a dream or an idea, I’m gone gas you up lol!! I think nothing is impossible! So for me, I always have loved to share my blessings with people. I am the girl who will tell you how I got, and what I had to do to get it word for word, bit by bit. That’s just who I am! I love to see people win. Unfortunately I don’t always receive that same energy back. It’s almost like people want to be in competition with me, and for the life of me I never understood why.

So as I have went through life, I have had to let so many people go around me! I realized that the more I shared my blessings the longer it took for me to receive another one! See you want blessings that will flow! God said, He will allow your cup to runneth OVER!!! In order for this to happen you must be centered for the blessings to overflow!

Detach yourself from people you truly know are not good for you, and watch how things will shift! The person who always brings negativity your way(you know who that person is) let them go!! The job you keep fighting to hold on to, let it go!(God has something better for you). The relationship you have bent over backwards for that keeps depleting you, let it go!

Show God you are ready for all that, He has for you!!! God is a jealous God, and the fact you will not let it go, let’s God know you value it more than you value what He can do in your life!

Who are you attached to can either make you or break you!

Your surroundings MATTER!!

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