Embrace Evolving

Happy Sunday my beautiful people!!

There is going to come a time in your life, that things are going to start to look a little different around you. Things are going to feel different as well. The people that was once there with you, will no longer be there.

The way you view things will change because with age comes wisdom. All the things you once was accustomed to, will no longer be the same. It will be just different. Some things you may be able to explain and some things you will not.

All of this is OK!!! Trust me, IT IS OK!!! Embrace Evolving

You will want to apologize for changing but DO NOT! Life is about changing! No matter how many times someone tell you, you change, YOUR RESPONSE SHOULD ALWAYS BE, IM DOING SOMETHING RIGHT THEN!

I love everything about evolving because it helps put things in perspective. You know how far you have come or how much work you have to do to become!

When others do not understand you for evolving, that should be your queue to start to move around. No one person should stay the same EVER IN LIFE! If you are the same person that you were 5-10 years ago, YOU NEED A MOMENT TO ASK YOURSELF, WHY! Do not beat yourself up about it but definitely evaluate yourself.

Here is what I know to be true, when you evolve in life, you appreciate life a little more. When you evolving in life, you live life to the fullest! When you are able to embrace evolving you become unapologetic(my kind of people lol) 😊

Embrace evolving because it’s beautiful to see when someone can see themselves changing and the things around them are changing for the better!

When you embrace evolving, I think you deliberately challenge yourself to be better. You no longer live by excuses but more so by accountability.

You are so great when you evolve. That is why you should always try new things. I know we are in a pandemic but there are so many things you are not doing that you can start doing. Period sis 🀣(I had to do that) lol

For me, when the pandemic started, I was not working out. Because this thing was new and didn’t have any idea as to how long it would last, taking care of YOU became a necessity!

I started doing something I always wanted to do but never really stayed consistent with it. Well I am embarking on a year come the end of March and I can honestly say, it feels damn good! I look and feel good!

I can see the difference in how my body operates with energy vs being tired all the time.

I eat different and I pay attention to what I put in my body! Take about embracing evolving. I eat different!! 😊

I meditate after prayer every morning πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ oh this is by far the best things I am doing! I mean I have found this to be the most exhilarating thing I have ever did for myself. It’s so calming and keeps me self centered. I advise anyone who wants a peaceful life to find out how to meditate. You will not regret it. This is something I truly embrace!

Embrace being different! I see so much on social media and everything isn’t for everybody(but that’s another story for another day)


I hope this blog brought light and life to you. I hope you know God will meet you right where you are and help you figure out, how do you embrace evolving when things seem to be so routine!

Mindset is everything 😘

5 thoughts on “Embrace Evolving

  1. This was so important. We all must use our life journey to CHANGE! Many years ago, I read these words “not to change, is not to grow!” That is what evolving does, it makes you grow and function differently. Wow!! Your blogs are change agents for your readers. Keep it up!

    1. I truly appreciate you!!! Thank you so much for tuning in and reading! Also for leaving me feedback!!! It’s the absolute best and I want you to know, I cherish your kind words!!! Love you Ms. Sheryl😘😘❀️

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