Small steps create big impacts

Today I woke up with so much on my brain, I decided to sleep in and just take a moment to myself. I’m often trying to figure out my purpose because I know there is one. I constantly battle with, am I doing enough, or should I do more. I battle with am I doing what I’m called to do or am I just doing what I want to do.

Today was a little different for me because I was able to center myself and see all that I have been able to do lately. I think sometimes we take for granted just the small steps we take that ultimately become large impacts. I had to take a moment and realize just how far I’ve come.

We get so consumed with more that we tend to not stay in the moment of ENOUGH! That enough is when God has answered your prayers and you are no longer where you used to be! Enough is when the dream has finally made it to reality stage! No matter what happens with the business, it has went from one stage to the next. Not only businesses, but anything you are doing in life.

God has blessed me with a vision, and for the longest I sat with that vision. I didn’t want to move with it because I needed to perfect it! No matter how much I perfected it, it was still the same message God was going to convey. I had every excuse to not start the brand.

Let me tell you this, God has blessed me in more ways than I can image with my brand! I’m so thankful because this morning I felt something totally different about my brand(in a positive way) I had to tell my husband about it.

As I laid in bed, my mind was racing all over the place as usual! But it was a quiet moment for me. Anytime I’m quiet, I hear from God! Everything I do, I do it with God! I try my best to not make plans with God because deep down I know things will fail if he is not included! I been asking God how could I incorporate my nursing with my brand and today, as I just sat in my bed, there you have it. The message was there, clear as day!!!

I’m emotional because I know what I’m doing is amazing but I to hear others say it, is GOD’S GRACE AND GLORY!

It’s so bigger than myself and the crazy part is, I don’t know what I’m doing!!! This is all God!!! Yep it’s all him!

The biggest key I have taken from my brand after creating it is, it’s all about SERVICING WOMEN TO HEAL AGAIN!! To feel good about themselves again!

It’s the Service to mankind for me!! 😊

To the young lady that will read this, I hope you take this message and find hope for your future. Go ahead and start the business! If you don’t have everything figured out, that’s a good thing. That means you will have to rely on a bigger source than yourself. That source for me is God, no questions asked. Go ahead and finish school even if it looks like there will not be enough hours in a day to study. God will provide. Go ahead and do what you love even if you don’t have the money to do so right now. Take your last, use a portion of it, and create the best idea you can possibly come up with, and see where that brings you.

God will always provide and always make sure we have more than enough when doing for his people!

My brand’s foundation lies on Psalms 121.1! Message straight from God! Everyone will look to the hills from which their help comes from!!!

Head held high walk in confidence has overwhelmingly been amazing! I can’t thank God enough for what he has done with the brand and what’s in store to come!! He is making me realize post by post it is ALWAYS BIGGER THAN ME!! 😘

Welcome to the healing school 😘πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜

2 thoughts on “Small steps create big impacts

  1. This is truly amazing God has and is continuing to Bless you , Simply because you are his child first ,you do things in an unselfish way, and last but not least you are a Blessing to others .And I Love you ❀️

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