As I write this blog, I am smiling from ear to ear. It’s a beautiful place to be in when you are able to smile at a topic you are about to indulge into. I smile because being a woman is like the absolute best thing in the world. So many things can happen from just being a woman.

Yes I love being a mom and a wife. I am beyond thankful for the titles I hold and the impact I have on two young, beautiful souls. I also have the privilege to be married to an amazing guy, who I adore with all my heart. With that being said, I’m still a woman first!

I have to make sure I understand being a woman first sets the tone for being a wife and mom. I can’t pour into them if I don’t know who I am and what value I am to the the team. Yes your marriage is a partnership and your parenting is as well! You are a team with the people you love. Sometimes you may even be the MVP of the squad. Let me say this, you probably are the MVP of the squad. Being the MVP means, understanding the needs of those around you, yet understanding your needs as well.

This topic made me smile because I truly enjoy being a woman! It’s like the epitome of everything! I love being a woman because we are so amazing and we all have so many layers that we sometimes do not ever get to uncover! I hope you are uncovering the different layers you possess as a woman. We are filled with so many things, if you ever take a minute to discover them, you would be mind blown.

I absolutely love when God says, he who finds a wife(woman) finds a GOOD THING, and obtain FAVOR FROM GOD! Like that’s enough to make a woman feel like she IS IT!! God calls us A GOOD THING AND A MAN GETS A BONUS WHEN HE MAKE YOU HIS WIFE(FAVOR FROM GOD)! That’s enough to let you know as woman, how valuable you are to this WORLD!

Everything about you should be filled with excitement! From the moment you open your eyes in the morning til you close them at night! We are fierce and we are fearless!

If you are a mom, stop buying just for your kids! Buy yourself something too! A nice shirt on budget doesn’t cost much. And it doesn’t cost much to look good these days. Take care of you so your kids can see, you don’t have to look raggedy to be a mom!

If you are a wife, stop thinking about your husband ALL THE TIME! You have a duty to make sure you are everything he fell in love with in the first place! Keep him pursing you by never falling off! And if you do fall off, get back on track. A man is intrigued by you dressing up in sexy underwear and sexy clothes every now and again. 😉 Keep the spice even if he doesn’t 😊 You are a woman first! Put them big clothes AWAYYYYYY!!! Lol

Forget about all the titles you hold and take a moment to see just how you impact the world just by being a woman!! You make the world go around! We set the tone for the home! We set the tone for the marriage! We set the tone for the kids! We set the tone for the workplace! We set the tone for making sure our businesses are ran properly 😊

Feel sexy without being apologetic!

Feel beautiful without worrying who will notice or not notice! As long as you notice that’s all that matters!

Take trips to relax your mind

Cleanse your body to be sexy and energetic!

Go shopping for new clothes during the new season! Stop bringing in the new season with old things! 😊

Release the toxicity that has been holding you back from being your best version of yourself


Shop up fabulously without an explanation

Workout your body because you can, not because you have to

Watch your health because you are an important piece to every puzzle in the world!

Show other women how beautiful they are by being a beautiful soul in their lives!

Remind yourself how great you are even when you don’t feel great

Read books to enhance your life, books that bring value to your life

Continue to learn new things so you can continue to add value to your life

Check in with yourself to see how you are doing and make adjustments if needed


Be comfortable with people not being in your league- you are too much for some people!

Write goals down, crush them, and then clap for yourself along the way!! Make things happen for your family because when a woman is taught something she teaches her community! That’s a FACT!

Women are GOD’S Gift to mankind! Find your way and let the world know who you are!! 😊💕

Be a woman who loves being a woman and everything else will fall in place!!! 😊💕

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