I love the confirmation GOD GOT THIS! I think I find comfort in knowing God has my back no matter what I’m facing. I love how God can give you everything you need even when you do not deserve any of it.

So many times we see ourselves as the mistakes we have made. God sees us perfect in his image. We are suppose to mess up from time to time. This is why Jesus died for us. So the next time you think your mistake is too big, find comfort in knowing IT’S NEVER TOO BIG FOR GOD!

Take a moment and think about all the things you wanted out of life. Now, in that same moment, think about what mistakes occurred so that you couldn’t get those things out of life. As you think about it all, think about the lessons each mistake has taught you. With every lesson that you were able to learn from, apply it to your life NOW!!! Put those dreams back on a piece of paper and go after them. You have an incredible blue print to guide you now that those mistakes were made.

I’m so thankful for every mistake I have ever made. It truly has made me the women I am today. The difference between people who are successful and unsuccessful is how they viewed their mistakes. How you view your mistakes will either have you stuck or have you saying, ok I got this, I know what to do now!

God wants you to make mistakes along this journey called life, so most importantly you could NEED HIM!!! The entire purpose of making mistakes are so you can lean and depend on God!!! By leaning on him you will then understand the mistakes.


So many times we have been facing difficult situations and didn’t know how the outcome would turn out. Truth is, if you like most individuals, you turned to God for help. If you didn’t turn to God, the task became more difficult. The test got bigger!! The dream seemed impossible. The love wasn’t there. The hope left! The feelings of being somebody no longer existed. Everything was chaotic! That’s just to name a few!


Oh, but when you decide to trust God, everything that could go wrong turns out better than you could imagine! The dreams become reality. You find yourself! You begin to love yourself! Your faith becomes stronger and hope is restored. You become optimistic even when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel! The mistakes and lessons become building blocks. The test become testimonies! Everything becomes RIGHT!!


I am a firm believer that when you place things in God’s hands, he has it and will make everything better than you can imagine. I know for sure I enjoy being in his presence, because it helps me become more certain about my future!

If I didn’t have God apart of my life, I truly don’t know what I would do or BE FOR THAT MATTER! God has truly blessed me with everything I ever wanted and more!!! I am forever grateful!

Don’t let your mistakes no matter how big or small, stop you from trusting and believing in God! He is the truest person to turn things around in your life! Nothing is impossible for God!

Today is a new day so approach it as so! We are not created to lie in our mistakes! We were created to become bigger than our mistakes! We were created to be AMAZING IN EVERYTHING WE DO!! If you don’t feel amazing about what is going on in your life at this very moment, CHANGE THE WAY YOU VIEW THINGS! Forgive yourself and ask God to forgive you! Move on and don’t stay STUCK!!


Write the vision

Say your dreams until you believe them

Send a positive note to yourself

See yourself with the life you imagine

Say it every day

Believe there is greater to come

Show up as if it’s already done

Tell your story to strangers this is where you get the most comfortable sharing your testimony. This is where you see everything wasn’t so bad as they seem. This is where you begin to see how everything worked for your good even when you couldn’t see it. This is when you see, GOD HAD IT ALL ALONE!

I got this- GOD!!!

Lovetsw 💕😊💕

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