Visions, Opportunities, Dreamers, and Manifestations

Happy Sunday!!!

I love sharing my journey with my audience/followers! Life is about sharing things and never keeping things to yourself unless it’s your BUSINESS LOL! God gives to those who are willing to share! As God pour into you, you pour into someone else! He will continue to give as you give!

Last week was an incredible week for me and my business. I launched my baby on last Thursday, August 27, 2020, which was my BIRTH- DAY!! I birthed a long time dream on my BIRTH- DAY! I had been carrying for months. Nurturing the dream and the vision for years! Going back and forth on the design. From doing the design myself to reaching out to a professional to help me. You name it!

I bought shirts about a year ago ready to launch, but honestly as I think about the time frame, the business would have been pre- mature. I didn’t have everything in order to completely start the business. The number one thing I didn’t have was the MINDSET!! The mindset!!! The mindset!!!!

Everything in life a person does, starts with their mindset!

I was all over the place and just wanted to make money! I didn’t prepare myself to give birth to something so unique and precious! I am a firm believer, when preparation meets opportunity everything falls in place.

It was last year I begin to change my mindset. I started spending time alone. In those moments, I was able to figure out who exactly I was. See when I knew exactly WHO I WAS, nothing and nobody could persuade me to be anything other than myself! I now understand what I liked and disliked. I now understand what moves me and doesn’t move me. I am able to identify the different types of energies people bring, and I’m not afraid to remove myself when the energy doesn’t sit well with me. It’s a confidence you gain when you know who you are!

That was my very first step to changing my mindset! See, as I begin to find out more and more about ME, things shifted!! My mindset change tremendously! I now know how important I am to myself and to others. My kids have an incredible mother(these are my thoughts). My husband has an amazing wife(these are my thoughts). I begin to build myself with positivity and affirmations. I am worthy of every good thing I dream of and everything I desire! I’m no longer a mom and wife! I am a influencer! I am a healer!

I sat still many days waiting to hear from God! God gave me so many ideas and even told me to go back to what he had already given me years ago! He gave me a blog for a reason, yet I abandoned the blog to do credit restoration. Credit restoration was like a thriller ride. The money was coming so fast and the people was seeing amazing results, it was an amazing experience. It was there to serve a purpose for the chapter I am in today. Most people pass up opportunities because it doesn’t seem like something they should be doing. In reality, all things works together for your GOOD!

The credit business taught me so much about being a business woman! When God told me to head back to blogging, I knew how to conduct my blog as a business. Prior to the credit business, I didn’t know how to do that. That one little chapter in my life changed how I moved for the dream God placed down on me years ago! Sometimes opportunities will come your way and you have to cease the moment, even if it doesn’t look like it matches your Dreams. I believe when those things happen, it’s there to teach you something and to prepare you for GREATER!

Every opportunity has something you should learn from. There are no failures in life, JUST LESSONS LEARNED! That’s why opportunities are so important to cease!! Never pass up an opportunity that doesn’t make sense. It could be the very opportunity that changes your LIFE!!!

You can’t quit because people are depending on you to make it, which will give them HOPE THEY COULD MAKE IT!!

Write your visions down

Embrace different opportunities that will come your way

Pray a thousand prayers! One prayer won’t cut it!


Planning is key!!! Some plans will prevail and some will fall by the wayside. Don’t quit!!!

Envision yourself in the DREAM!!! See yourself doing exactly what your vision is giving!!! The most important thing is SEEING YOURSELF THERE BEFORE IT EVER MANIFEST!!! – THIS IS WHAT DREAMING IS ALL ABOUT! My favorite one of everything besides prayer of course!

My absolute 3 favorite 😂 – Execute!!!!! You will have a million ideas for one vision! In that vision you must execute THE IDEAS TO ALLOW THE DREAM/VISION TO BE MANIFESTED!! This determines whether or not you are just a dreamer with a dream or a person who makes their dream a REALITY!! Execution makes all the difference in the manifestation of your DREAMS!

Last but not least, GIVE THANKSGIVING AND SHOW GRATITUDE NO MATTER WHAT! If you are frustrated, tell God thank you for this frustrating day God! I know it will build character for my business. I’m grateful I have something to be frustrated about! Because, EVERYTHING WORKS TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD!!! 😊💕🤗

Thank you to everyone who has supported HEAD HELD HIGH WALK IN CONFIDENCE!!! It’s been a long time coming but has inspired so many people just in the 3 days of being launched! Thank you everyone for your DMs, text messages, and phone calls! Thank you for you input and asking for other items! They will come soon!! Love all you guys 😊💕 I’m humbled, grateful, and thankful for everything!!

Welcoming to the healing school

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