Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today has been magical in every way possible! I feel blessed and humbled! I feel grateful and amazing!! God has truly given me everything I could ask for and more!! These past couple of months been strictly investing in my business to prepare for my birthday! To see everything come to fruition, is EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL!!!

Today I crossed out my last thing on my vision board!! I launched my collection!!- THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME THAT VISION THREE YEARS AGO BUT THE TIMING IS PERFECT!!!

I reverence God a lot because that’s all I have at the end of the day!! He is my ROCK AND MY PERSON I COULD GO TO WHEN NO ONE ELSE IS THERE!

I started 2020 off with one word, that was, EXECUTION!!! I wanted to execute every idea God gave me! I been filled with so many visions and dreams, that I literally let stay in my mind! I promised myself not this year!!!

I’m very proud of myself! I can’t wait to get back to the drawing board!!

Thank you all for the BIRTHDAY WISHES AND THE ORDERS THAT WERE PLACED ON TODAY!! I am thankful to all of you 😊💕😊

To the young lady or woman who has a dream, I will say this to you, DREAM BIG AND KNOW EVERY DREAM WILL COME TRUE!!! PUT SOME WORK BEHIND THAT DREAM AND CONSTANTLY PRAY OVER YOUR DREAMS! Don’t let fear stop you because it will TRY TO!! Stay true to yourself because THAT’S THE UNIQUENESS OF WHO YOU ARE!!

Love always,

Life Coach Tarneshia S. Williams!

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