Checking In on YOURSELF

Alright we all been stuck in these houses since March Madness lol! Most of us had so much planned for the year 2020! Honey, 2020 said, you will need to be another person to survive in this mess. You will need to be another person- TAKE A MOMENT AND THINK ABOUT THAT FOR 1 second!

This pandemic has caused most of us to search outside ourselves somewhere along these past couple of months. We have had to change up our schedules. Change up our eating habits(if we didn’t want to gain a couple of pounds). Change our environments to gain sanity. Change our relationships because somehow things are just different these days. I know a lot of us JUST DON’T HAVE THE ENERGY TO DEAL WITH CERTAIN THINGS!!

So with all that being said, have you checked in with yourself lately.

We are in July, midway to the end of the year! We all know 2020 stopped somethings, but has it stopped everything. Here is the perfect time to readjust if you haven’t already, to finishing out your year STRONG!

I wrote on my Facebook a couple of weeks ago, how I have checked off my entire vision board. As I finish writing that, I had to ask myself, do that mean, I need to write more things. I have to go to my vision board and add some more things !!!!

I didn’t stop when the pandemic started!! I keep going through the storm. We are in a storm with racism and a pandemic. But there are two choices that may occur during any storm. The first choice is, pullover, wait in the storm until it passes. Or keep driving in the storm so you could eventually get to the sunshine or dry area if you will!!! It’s your choice!!!!

I chose to keep driving in this pandemic because waiting for it to pass, is like letting someone choose my destiny for me. So many times we wait for something to let up, we tend to forget our goals and dreams for that matter!!! Playing the waiting game only makes things linger to not being finished!! Procrastination occurs and before you know it, the desire to start is gone!! The momentum has left you!

Check in on yourself and ask yourself some important questions.

Did you stop when the pandemic started?

Have you checked off anything you put on your vision board at the beginning of the year?

Have you reset lately?

Have you viewed your life from March- July

Have you found some time to adjust to all of this or have you allowed it to swallow you up

Have your dreams changed

Check in with yourself and your feelings!!!!

Check in with your goals!!!

Check in with things you are grateful for!!

Check in with your accomplishments and pat yourself on the back!! Don’t be so hard on yourself!!!

Acknowledge the hard work you have put in, if you keep going through this pandemic!! Show yourself some love because this has been a hard couple of months lately.

Take a moment and write down 5 things you are grateful for!!!!

Take a moment and write down 5 simple goals for this month you can accomplish and that’s realistic!

Ask God for 5 things in prayer

Praise God for 5 things in worship

Meditate on those 5 things you have given God, as if it is ALREADY YOURS!!

Things happen in life and we can’t control some but focus on the things you can control!! Anything you are capable of doing is WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL!!! You can’t control no other’s actions or feelings! You can control yours!!! Check in on YOURSELF NOT OTHERS πŸ˜ŠπŸ–€


Remember, if you want better in life, you have to become a different version of yourself throughout the process!!!

We don’t know what tomorrow holds but we DO KNOW WHO HOLDS THE FUTURE!!! Chase after what God gave you in the beginning of this year!!! You still have 5 months πŸ˜ŠπŸ–€

Welcome to the healing schoolπŸ–€πŸ˜Š

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