Taking your Dreams Off the Shelf


This has been lingering in my mind so I know someone will be inspired by this read. I pray this read find you with an open heart and mind, to receive everything you been looking for. I don’t know who needs this read, but I know someone is looking for a sign and moment to say, OK GOD, I HEAR YOU!

I want to talk to my moms and wives out there. We are so boggled down with so many task that somehow the dream gets lost in the pits of those task. We come into adulthood ready to take the world on, but life happens. We finish high school knowing exactly what we want to do in life, yet for some of us, we don’t get to it. We even finish college with so many plans that are never once looked at again.

I mentor and coach a lot of young women who haven’t stepped into marriage or motherhood yet, and I tell them, LIVE YOUR DREAMS WHILE YOU CAN!!! Get to know yourself and the things you want out of life before jumping into any relationship. As the saying goes, with age comes wisdom! I think we as women put so much pressure on our uterus and fingers, thinking if we don’t have the baby or the ring by a certain age, WE HAVE FAILED OURSELVES! Truth is, we fail ourselves by not living out our dreams!!

Dreams are the biggest things we put on the self. We tell ourselves, we have time, but truth is, TIME PASSES US BY, IF WE DON’T RECOGNIZE THE TIME WE ARE WASTING! Our dreams take a backseat to marriage, friendships, and motherhood. We are exhausted by time we work a full time job, get the kids together, cook and clean for our family, and not to mention take care of our significant other. We might have time to do something for ourselves every now and then.

Well truth be told, I have made it my mission, to mend friendships that are important to me. I have found ways to pamper myself(self love), take care of my family, and take my dreams off the shelf!

Don’t wait until the marriage fail to start dreaming!

Don’t wait until your kids go off to college

Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom

Don’t wait until you have the support of others

Don’t wait until the time is right

Don’t wait until you have the money

DON’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Your dreams are so important! Take them off the shelf and make your dreams a reality. You are absolutely amazing and can do anything you put your mind to. Your dreams are apart of you! When you don’t go after your dreams, that part of you die! You’ll never see your full potential of being a human being. God has designed all of us with gifts and purpose to serve others. You must find that and allow the blessings to flow in your life. So many of you are going day to day because you put your dreams on the shelf a long time ago. You are worthy of having your dreams come true!!! Every day you are able to wake up, is a day for you to start dreaming again and obtaining the dream!

What dream have you placed on the shelf? How can you obtain your dreams? Why are your dreams so important to you and the world.

The key to living is knowing what you are living for!!!!

You must get focused to obtain any dream. You must be willing to put in the work to obtain that dream. You must sacrifice some things to obtain that dream! You must have faith you will see the dream get manifested! You must create a goal list and cross out things you accomplish to get to the dream. There are steps with making dreams a reality!!! You can’t cheat your way and you can’t half step doing so!

If your dream was cheap, no one would want what you have to offer!! A dream cost!!! A dream is VALUABLE!! You must never forget that because it’s valuable, and it requires hard work to obtain it!!! Blood, sweat, and tears are what builds a dream!!! Take your dream off the shelf!!

Start with writing your dreams out! Big or small! Crazy or not so crazy! Then write the goals of what needs to be done to obtain the dream. As you write them, make them realistic goals with a time frame.

You want to achieve this by this date/year!

Faith without works is DEAD!!!! You have to know without work, dreams are just dreams!!! Put the work in and watch things manifest!!!

Go back to school

Start the business

Take the leap and move to another city

Take the class

Get certified

Find a job that supports your dream.

Learn about your dream

Get focus about your dream

Invest in YOURSELF!!!!! Best investment ever!

God has allowed me to check off one of my goals, I am now a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH!!This is apart of my dream! I finally took the class after watching it for 2 years. I sacrifice buying things to take this class. I read my assignments when my kids would go to sleep. I missed Monday nights with my family the entire time I was taking the class. I missed saying good night to my husband on those nights. I bathe my kids later on those nights when my husband didn’t do so! In the end, it was all worth it!!


Welcoming to the healing school! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. You are so welcome Kim!!! Thank you so much for taking the time out your busy day to read! So amazing when I can register with someone with my words! Thank God for using me as a vessel!! ๐Ÿ–ค

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