Crush your goals

To the girls and women who read my blog, I want to say THANK YOU!!!

You have helped me in more ways than words could ever describe! I love speaking with you either on Facebook or Instagram about how much I inspire you.

Truth be told, I’m more and more inspired to write because of you!

I want to let you in on something. I know so many of you follow my page and see how my life has truly transformed. I center my pages around my family and I because that’s what’s so important to me. I enjoy being a mom and a wife! I enjoy being a teacher of life! I can tell stories all day long because I think your story IS YOUR BLUEPRINT IN LIFE! It helps navigate the journey you are on! It helps create relationships that are needed along this journey to get you from point A to point B.

I admire your journey as well as my owns.

Remember to always set goals and crush them!!!

Your goals are your stairs to your success! Whatever goals you set, you must crush them to get from one stair to the next! If you don’t crush your goals on stair number 1, you will stay THERE!!!

Every time you find yourself stuck, think about why you are stuck! I guarantee it will be because you didn’t crush the goal you set out for yourself.

Every level you go on, you will have to become a different version of yourself! You will have to be a different person for every stair you stand on! You will learn different lessons that will prepare you for every next level in the previous level!

Think about your life for a second! The things you know now, you didn’t know last year! If you haven’t learned anything, take a moment and ask yourself why!

Did you know your life can change in a year’s time? All it takes is for your mindset to change and everything else will fall in place!

What is your mindset with crushing your goals? Have you already seen yourself in those goals? Have you felt yourself experiencing the goals you have set?

I’m on a journey where I can actually feel and see myself in certain situations before they happen! I visualize who I want to be and where I want to be! Faith is believing the unseen!

God gives us visions before they are ever manifested. Write your vision down and start adding goals to your vision! It will come to fruition!!

When you don’t write your goals down, no crushing occurs!!!! When you don’t crush your goals, you will run around in circles!!! When you run around in circles, you will see, year after year be the same!!! Nothing changes!!!!

I’m currently working on becoming a better blogger, business woman, and wife/mom. I have a notebook of the things I want to accomplish. I am checking off things monthly. Some things require you to do at different times of the year. Some things may take 1 month, some may take 6 months, and some may take 1 year.

Either way you must write down the plan then the goals to accomplish the plan!!

Six more months in this year, what goals are you setting to crush? It’s never too late to stop running in circles and run your marathon 😊

Welcoming to the healing school 😊✨😊

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