Every time God places you in an uncomfortable place it’s for your GREATER GOOD! The unfamiliar atmosphere in my opinion, ALWAYS BRING OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE! I’m a firm believer we grow differently when our backs are up against the wall.

You ever been in a place where you just didn’t recognize who you were in that place? It’s like you know you need to be there but you have absolutely no clue how to move in that space.

You are so uncomfortable but somehow you know this space will allow your growth. So this very thing doesn’t make you move from that spot.

Here is what I know about being in an uncomfortable position or place in life, it is definitely an amazing place to be in once you grasps there importance of being there.

Uncomfortable places serve to make you a better person for the next level of your life.

You tend to get still and say what does this mean when you are in an uncomfortable place. You may even question why you have to even be in that place.

I remember being in an uncomfortable place about a year ago. I was so frustrated because I didn’t understand why. So I begin to say, ok God what does this mean and what does it mean for my life. Clearly you not letting up so I guess I need to be here for a little while longer .

Can I tell you something, did you know when God wanted to speak with anyone who was about to transformed from average to great, he put them in an uncomfortable place. In the Bible they called this the Wilderness! But even in wilderness God has said, he would provide everything you need. See the wilderness sound like a foreign place. That’s because it is! It’s a place many don’t want to go but when they do something magical happens. Same as many don’t want to go to no unfamiliar place that is uncomfortable, but those who do, turn out to see true greatness happen in their lives.

In your uncomfortable environment know that God is still in control and will still provide like never before. See when you go alone to a place, you find out the strength you never once knew you had.

That uncomfortable place could be a new relationship, a new home, a new business, a new city, and new life.

It’s ok to allow your uncomfortable place to teach you something you never once knew about yourself! Honestly, it will teach you so many things.

Take a moment and be grateful for the uncomfortable situation that’s in your life! It will turn out magical in the end! You will look back on this moment and say, I’m glad I was in this position that made me uncomfortable.

Nothing happens in a comfortable environment EVER!!!! Why, your guess is as good as mine! I just know, every time I was in a situation where it made me uncomfortable, I was able to grow!!!

Starting something new of any sort, tend to make anyone uncomfortable but as the journey continues it becomes comfortable.

Maybe you need to have the uncomfortable talk with someone! Maybe you need to start the new business but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you need to ask for help with your business but that makes you so uncomfortable to ask for help! Maybe you want to make start a new career but everything about starting over is making you uncomfortable.

Most of your blessings are waiting in the most uncomfortable situations you will ever be placed in!!! You just have to find the courage to go to those uncomfortable places within and around you!

Find out what makes you uncomfortable but yet will help you grow in the end!!!!! I promise it will bless you.

My most uncomfortable situation has been being alone on this journey of entrepreneurship. I promise when I started, I didn’t have a clue but now I have been placed with so many individuals to help me prosper in my dreams. I took the uncomfortable situation of going alone and now I’m finally starting to see the light!!!

Your next level is depending on what you face in your uncomfortable situations. Every uncomfortable situation is preparing you for the next level of your life in a great way!!

I encourage you to go for it!!! Go to the wilderness and let God guide you so that uncomfortable place bless your family and make you a better person!!!

Welcome to the healing school

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