Your Crown πŸ‘‘

When I place my crown on my head I feel fearless

Think like a queen

A queen is not afraid to fail because she understands life lessons are built on failures.

I’ve found my place in the world and for that reason I must WEAR MY CROWN!!!

You ever feel like it’s unusual for someone to say, hey queen. I used to feel like why are they saying that, it don’t even fit. I felt that way because the world will make you feel as though you are something else. The world has programmed us to not even realize the power we possess as women. We have power no other has on this planet but only you can tap into that. Someone can tell you that until they are blue in the face but until you realize your POWER nothing would change. When someone says, hey queen now, I EMBRACE IT WITH GRATITUDE! I know I AM A QUEEN! I wear my CROWN PROUDLY! My crown represents so much that even when I don’t wear it, I feel a sense of complacency.

You are educated, you are smart, you are worthy, you are magic, you are diligent in your work, you are powerful, you are amazing, you are loved, you are someone’s hope, you are somebody, you are beautiful, you are everything you dream to be! You ARE ___________(fill this blank)

Everyday a woman places a crown on her head to remind herself who she is and what she will become. Our crown represents power. The power we have to do just about anything we put our minds to.

We find hope in our crown. We find truth in our crown. We find destiny in our crown. We find gratitude in our crowns. We find life in our crowns.

Our crowns are FULL OF HOPE!

Every time we place our crowns on our heads, we find unity with others who wear their crowns.

I can’t see you when you don’t wear your crown. Never forget to put your crown on!

Do you have a crown? Only queens wear crowns!!! So I’m asking, are you a queen? If you are a queen then you must wear a crown!

When queens wear their crowns, they don’t have time for pettiness. When queens wear their crowns, they don’t worry about what the next person is doing or not doing. When queens wear their crowns, they don’t gossip about other queens.

Ask yourself, are you a queen?

Queens are very respected! When you approach a queen, you must follow certain protocols in order to even be in a queen’s presence. Everyone can’t sit with the queen.

Everything about a queen is elegant. Everything she does, is strategic. A queen is about her business and helping others. She is very distinct.

Queens who wear their crowns are royalty!

Are you royalty?

Understanding your royalty means understanding why you wear a crown in the first place. When you know who you are, you won’t let others treat you less than. If you are royalty, people will treat you as such!

Queens don’t respond to unnecessary things because those things that are not important, don’t matter to a queen.

Don’t let someone tell you how to wear your crown! Your crown is your crown! Don’t let no one force you to give up your crown!

Your crown represents strength! Your crown represents love! Your crown represents you and your family. Your crown represents wealth. Your crown represents Power! Your crown represents your Ancestors!!!

Take your crown and wear it PROUD!!!!

Welcome to the healing school!!

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