I often find myself in a place of uncertainty. For instance, am I doing the right thing, am I on the right path, did I make the right decision, and so forth. I find myself at a place of uncertainty when I’m walking in a place where God has me.

See if I can be honest, when we are operating in a place of how we see things, we are so sure we have it all figured out. But oh, when we decide to walk in our purpose or calling God has on our lives, the uncertainty will appear more than often. You notice we as humans, question everything God tells us to do. Crazy!

Lately I been so in depth with everything going on around us, I found myself getting out of alignment with God. My thoughts begin to wonder. My heart begin to be very heavy. I was at a loss for words when I normally have so much to speak about. I found myself feeling helpless at times. How could someone just sit there and watch this man’s life being taken? How could people be so cruel? It took me a minute to find myself with this entire situation. I think anyone with a heart of compassion felt for this man and his beloved family. My heart still aches for the entire situation as we speak. But I had to come to terms with things happen for a reason. A reason we may never understand but ultimately a reason is there. The entire nation has showed out for protest and rallies. I applaud everything about that.

I haven’t blogged since the situation occurred and I have to apologize about that. I took my emotions and stuff them and didn’t blog. In a time such as these I should have been blogging. As we heal as a nation, I pray for justice and peace among anything else. My condolences are with George Floyd and his family.

I thought I should get that out the way before I write about, IT WAS NEVER ABOUT YOU.

This topic been heavy on me for sometime now. I been avoiding writing about it but here it is.

So often we think everything we do is about us. We put vision boards together, we write down all of our goals, we find what we think we are good at, and we have it all figured out. Our lives are all figured out. Some of us dot every I and cross every T. But what if I told you, it was never about you.

Everything we do has a divine purpose attached to it. It is never about us! NEVER!!! When God decides to place you in a certain position, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Every thing about that position has to do with others that may follow behind you. I truly hope you get what I just wrote. Everything is for the next person.

So many of us take for granted the position God has put us in because we never see the blessings of being in that position. We are so filled with worldly things we forget about our purpose. Social media has all of us(including myself) thinking our successes defines us. Well news flash, IT DOESN’T!!! Your successes are defined by how many others you help become successful 😊

Your successes are NEVER ABOUT YOU!!! Everything you do, is for someone else.

How do I know this?

Here is my testimony time 😊,

After a year in of being here, I begin to get DMs(direct messages on messengers for my older readers), asking what did I have to do to make the move. I had one young lady in particular who followed my every move. She told me her goal was to move and not look back. She reached out to me maybe Oct and was moving that upcoming February.

There are people watching your life who are getting inspired from everything you do. You might not hear from those people on a day to day basis but they are there.

I begin to help her find everything she needed. I truly enjoyed the journey of watching her transition. I explained to her, the opportunities were here if she just took them. I explain to her, what I’m doing for her , she need to do it for someone else. The biggest challenge most of us face are, who to help and who not to help. We are so afraid to help others because they will get ahead of us. HERE IS A SECRET I KNOW TO BE TRUE, ANYTIME YOU HELP SOMEONE YOU WILL ALWAYS ADVANCE YOURSELF TO ANOTHER LEVEL!

Can I tell you because she moved here from a small town, 3-4 more girls have moved here because of her bravery to step out on Faith. I moved to show someone else there was better opportunities, not knowing there would be a group of young ladies, waiting on someone like me to make the move. Sometimes people just need to see others do what they always wanted to do. That’s all it takes is for one to make the move.

The other day I realized, that move wasn’t just about my family and I. It was about hope and finding opportunities so others could see the possibilities.

Just like a business, it’s never about you getting started. It’s about helping others along the way understand how the bumps and bruises you had to endure, kept you from quitting when the road became tough. It WAS NEVER ABOUT YOU!

You start a business, you give the next girl hope she too can start a business. This will definitely be a way for her to feed her family.

You start a blog, you give the next girl hope to start her own blog. This will definitely be a way for her to release her thoughts.

You make the move, you give the next girl hope to make the move. This will definitely be a way for better opportunities to come to her and her family.

When you go to school to become a nurse(in my case) you give the next girl hope she can become a nurse as well. This will definitely be a way for better education and career purposes.

I have figured out so much over the years, that my nephews and kids wouldn’t have to waste energy on figuring out, because I took the time to figure things out. It was never about ME!

The list goes on!

You will pave the way for your kids, your family, and your friends. Let’s not forget about the best supporters( THE STRANGERS WHO ARE IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING YOU DO)

Go ahead and lead a path for others to follow behind. It may not be people you know but it will be someone willing to finish what you started!!!


Stay positive and put out positive energy! It beats bad energy ANY DAY!!!

Welcome to the healing school!

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  1. Amazing words! You have inspired me in more ways than one. Thank You, and May GOD continue blessing you to do this wonderful work😘

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