Life is truly about chapters, but somehow or somewhere along the way, we make life seem as if every thing that happens to us, is the end of the world. I hope I wrote that the way I thought it.

Every moment of our lives are apart of a chapter that was created to help us grow.

I want everyone reading this blog to appreciate the chapters that has happened in your life thus far.

Life is about telling a story and with telling stories, there must be chapters worth while reading. I know some chapters you may or may not be proud of, but at the end of the day, they’re your chapters to your book called life.

I finally realized that life is about chapters and everything doesn’t happen over night. I am an entrepreneur who has been building my business since a couple years ago.

I know we get so eager to get things done, but God didn’t even create anything over night. He took 6 days to build a foundation of this world. As the world has continued to grow it has become many nations with many different cultures. That’s all started from Adam and Eve.

I find hope in knowing life is about chapters. Chapters that are created from the milestones we have in our lives.

Every chapter has to begin and end. No chapter ends in a comma, but rather a period.

So many of us want to keep a comma where we should have put a period a long time ago. It is ok to place a period even when you want to add a comma.

Building your life means knowing when to add a comma, and when to add a period!

Every road block, every obstacle, every setback, every happiness, every achievement, every amazing moment, and every heartbreak, was made to build the chapters in your life.

I spoke earlier about being an entrepreneur. What I love about this journey is, I started out not knowing anything. I didn’t know much about being a businesswoman but I had a dream. I didn’t know how to start my business but I knew I had to get started. I’m so glad I got started because, I have learned so much in the process. Most people will tell you trust the process. The process will help you create the chapters. The process isn’t always easy, but the process will always be worth it.

You ever heard someone say, I could write about my life. You know why, every person created in this world could write a book about their life. The reason why, is because, we are made to tell stories. Our lives are created stories that are suppose to help others.

The chapters are created so you could tell someone all about it. Some chapters are for people and some are not. God created your life to help another life. It’s just that simple. You will began to appreciate the chapters once you understand this.

My entrepreneur chapter is a book all by itself. Lol

I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to change some chapters in my life. I had to change my mindset in order to allow my chapters to become what I wanted them to become. I had to move from environments and remove myself from different people in certain chapters. I had to find myself in certain chapters when I lost myself. I had to be willing to be alone at times in some chapters. I knew deep down that some chapters required a different me. Sometimes you have to let old ways go in order to fully be present in what’s new. You must find what every chapter means in your life.

Don’t allow your chapters to stop just because the last one or the one you are in today, isn’t what you thought your life would be. The beauty about the chapters of our lives are, we can change the narrative anytime. We have full control over how the story ends. We can even start over and create another book. Your life is a book or many books. It’s totally up to you to figure that part out. You must know, you have the power to end and begin every chapter of your life.

When will you begin writing? Are you proud of your book you are writing? What chapter are you on? Is this chapter amazing or need some adjustments? Are you ready to close some chapters and open some new ones? What does your book of chapters look like?

Enjoy every chapter even the ones you are not so proud of. Those chapters were meant to build you for the upcoming chapters! 😊


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