Healthy Bonding

Love seeing my two amazing men share bonding time with one another. They are always around the house doing something. It could be from playing baseball, to playing basketball, to throwing the football in the house(which makes me so crazy), to wrestling, and playing the video game.

Now they are cooking together and doing things outside. Things they probably wouldn’t be doing if we didn’t have so much time on our hands.

I enjoying seeing their bond because I get the to see the other side of my husband. I get to see his unconditional love play out with our kids.

Even though he is super tough on my son, I have finally come to realize, it’s needed sometimes. Notice I said sometimes lol. Hey, I’m an overprotective mama bear that’s super soft when it comes to my son. My son knows this too, so I have to be careful with how I respond when his dad is disciplining him.

I know he wouldn’t do anything to put our son in harms way, but man do you have to be so tough on my boy like that. Lol

Am I the only mom who feels like our husbands can be so hard on our sons but not our daughters. Like it’s a total different ball game when it comes to our daughters. My daughter doesn’t do any wrong in my husband’s eyes. It’s like they are programmed to just let the girls walk all over them. He always say, I can’t be mean to her.

My son has so much energy, I’m always thinking do he ever get tired. Sometimes, I’m calling my husband for my son when I can’t get him to do right, or when he is cutting up. I lose all patience and I’m like get your son lol.

Nevertheless, I know my son will listen to my husband quicker than me because of the bond they share. He understand his dad’s tone. I think they both know each other’s language.

I can’t wait to get back on the baseball field with these two because this is where the true bonding happens. It’s magical to see how my son listens to his dad! But there are moments when him and his dad fall out, and then I have to step in to reassure our son, you will be fine.

I realize the balance for their bond comes with my husband disciplining my son and me comforting him but also letting him know dad has his best interest at heart.

How are your guys bonding with one another in the house?


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