Healthy- Your Better is Ok

What a crazy time we are in right now in the world. Most of us if not all of us, have lost count with what day of quarantine we are in. I know I have lost count. I literally have to look at the calendar to remember the date of the month. I am keeping up with the days of the week ok. My kids are clueless so I’m finding even they are asking, what day is it. We have found ourselves doing the same thing to a certain degree most days. Some are still in routine and some have lost their routine. Either way we have had to adapt to a way of living like never before. 

I want to ask what is your Better? Like, what are you doing to be better in this? I also want to mention, it’s ok if your better isn’t my better. I want to say whatever your better is, ITS OK.

So many of us are trying so hard not to let go of old ways but the truth of the matter is, we just may have to let go of how we used to live. I am a very routine person who love to be in control of what I’m doing. I have been dealing with how to let go feeling like I have to control everything. It’s been a hard process but I am getting through it.

Here are some things to feel better about. No matter who you are, your better is YOUR BETTER! This is your way of coping with the uncertainty of what’s going on.

Some are exercising- having a better body

Some are reading- having better knowledge

Some are meditating- having a better way to keep calm

Some are eating healthier- having a better diet

Some are journaling – having a better way to communicate their feelings

Some are finding intimacy with God- having a better relationship with God

Some are get more organized- better preparing

Some are figuring out its ok with not doing nothing – better understanding ITS OK

Some are cooking more- better with recipes that have been sitting there

Some are finding ways to be creative – better using time wisely

Some are loving themselves- better understanding their worth

Some are expressing their thoughts- better communicating how they are feeling

Whatever your better is, IT OK! It’s just as good as anyone else’s. I think most of think if we are being super productive than that’s better. The truth is, doing absolutely nothing can mean better as well! I want people to take this time out to understanding your better is YOUR BETTER! Recognizing that your better has so much power as someone else better!

This is a time to reflect on so many levels we normally wouldn’t get if the world wasn’t still. I’m so thankful to know some days, my days are being productive. Some days are just plain old set up for doing absolutely nothing. I’m ok with it all.

I hope you are ok with doing absolutely nothing to being super productive creating.


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