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So we are in quarantine number WHATEVER THE COUNT IS A THIS POINT.

I have been giving advice to several people and decided to post on my blog. There are several ways to keep your immune system up during this time. I’m pretty sure most of my followers know by now, I’m a nurse at heart so why not post some informative knowledge.

If you have kids, lower the sugar count during these days.

Give your kids

1. Vitamins of any kind- preferably immune boosters

2. Fruits for breakfast- a lot of fruit if you can afford to do so.

3. Drink orange juice with your breakfast

4. Water through the day

5. Let them drink hot coco as well, the reason being is warm liquids help break up mucus.

6. Keep them drink through the day as well, helps with breaking up mucus as well.

7. Let them get as much of sun light as they can. Remember to turn your air off as your kids go out in the heat and come back indoors. We do not NEED ANY ONE CATCHING SUMMER COLDS OR SPRING COLDS AT THIS POINT IN TIME!

8. Make sure they are getting rest as well. Gloomy days let them be lazy

9. Stay active after 1 -2 days of rest. No one should be staying in the bed during these times. Activities help reduce build up of mucus as well!


1. Eat fruits every morning and drink room temp water. When you rise in the morning drink water first to fuel your cells. This creates energy and helps promote your digestive system.

2. Drink warm liquids as well, coffee, tea, coco,

3. Add ginger, lemons, honey, garlic to your regimens

4. Stay active as well. Don’t stay lying down when you feel bored out your mind. It is easy to watch tv all day. Walk around your home, exercise if you are able. Clean your windows. Garden around your home. Find something that involves movement

5. Rest your body. 1-2 days should be when you get your rest.

6. Get some sunlight! Sit out in the sun. Human nature is our best defense in time like these. At your home of course 😊

7. Take some type of vitamins as well, and drink plenty of fluids

8. Watch sweating and entering cold environments.

9. Meditate either early morning or late night before going to bed! We are all experiencing some type of stressing and anxiety because of the uncertainty. But meditating will help you release your fears!

10. Journal

11. Hot showers as well or very warm water that you can go against your chest and back area

12. Pray and spend time with God! We are not busy so create some intimacy with our God during this time. Pray for families and our front lines. This may or may not have affected your family but everyone can use a prayer at this point. 😊

Hope this was helpful – start your week off with some of these regimens

Lovetsw πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ˜Š

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