Powerful Mommy

Mommy you are powerful!

As we are in this uncertainty of what’s going on, don’t forget about pampering yourself at home.

As you get the essentials for the house, don’t forget about the essentials that bring you a little peace and sanity.

Bubbles for a nice hot bath when the house is quiet

Candles to set the mood either with your spouse or just for yourself

Wine if you drink or whatever adult beverage you prefer

Cheese to eat with your wine

Fresh fruits, strawberries, whip cream, or whatever you prefer

Your favorite late night snack that you have to hide so nobody eats that’s in the house with you

A fresh set of flowers, flowers always bring happiness

Paint and a canvas- so relaxing

This can set the mood for a night of relaxation for any mom.

I’m super excited to hear how your night went! I literally just gave you an entire day to pamper yourself without having anyone else to do it!


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