Faith and Doubt

Have your ever had thoughts about doing something that would change your life? It’s like you get a thought or a vision and everything makes perfect sense. You begin to plan things out on how you will move, and then suddenly nothing happens.

Recently, I have been going through the motions of understanding what God wants from me, yet I haven’t moved. It’s like I have the faith to do it, yet I’m very doubtful.

I was thinking how can I do what God called me to do, yet I have so much doubt to do it.

These two words have been lingering in my spirit this week. I have also seen the word tenacity appear a number of times this week as well.

How can one have so much faith, yet be so doubtful?

I had to sit and think about that for a second. My first initial thought was, I don’t think it’s possible to do so. Then, as the week continued, it became very clear, you might have to do things with both being apart of whatever you are doing!

I think the human part of us are living with a subconscious mindset that create doubts to enter within. I think the spirit part of us are able to create the faith side of things.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I let doubt get the best of me. This has happened recently to me. I used to not think about things before doing them. I would just do it. Now, everything has to be in order when I do them.

I received clarity that no matter how much doubt you have, just keep going!

Doubt comes to steal, kill, and destroy visions that God has giving us!!!!

Doubt is normal until it surpasses your faith ability!

Doubt is a sign that you are doing something that will be life changing!

Doubt is a sign that, if you do what you are doubting, growth will occur!

It’s ok to have doubt because it allows you to feel like a human. What is not ok, is you allow doubt to overtake your decision making.

Faith and doubt is like oil and water! They do not and cannot fit in the same environment! One has to go!!! Which one will you let go of in order to achieve your goals and your destiny?

What I have learned this week, has been to keep going no matter what life throws at you!

Doubt normally happens when situations arise that are not apart of the plans!!! Think about that for a second. As long as things are going as planned, everything is good. The minute something happens that is not apart of the plans, our brain immediately starts creating either positive thoughts, or negative thoughts. Now if more than 2-3 things happen, we being to panic. Doubt creeps in at this point!!! This is where questions start to form as well.

Faith has to outweigh doubt in every situation! We must know why we are called or giving a vision in the first place.

Every level you face you must create space to ensure faith has filled that atmosphere!!!

Doubt can never bring the things FAITH CAN BRING!!

I think as growth occurs some form of doubt will occur but then at that point, FAITH HAS TO ELEVATE!!



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