It’s YOUR assignment!!!

I interrupt my series of self worth to write this blog. I can truly say that my blogs are very therapeutic to myself as well. I’m laying in bed and for some strange reason I can’t go to sleep. I been in the bed since 10:30 pm. I read a book. Did a little retail browsing. I even put my phone down on the charger, thinking I would fall asleep.

I’m not sure who needs to see this as they read my blog, but the assignment is yours. Whatever God has assigned to you, do it! Somebody needs that assignment to be fulfilled. God has constantly been reminding me no matter how fearful I am, just do it!

Today, I went back to when I first started back blogging. I saw so many comments about this blog. So many people saying how much of an inspiration I am to them. I read one particular comment and I felt God saying this is your assignment.

Some days I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing but then some days I know I’m doing the right thing. I think when you are doing God’s work, the devil comes to make you feel like it’s not enough.

I often wonder if I’m inspiring people or am I living in an illusion of it. Every time I try to tell myself something negative about what I’m doing, God reveals SOMETHING POSITIVE!!!

How can I be so positive with everyone, yet feel a sense of insecurity of doubt along the way?

God reveal to me, the self doubt is because NO ONE ELSE SEES THE VISION BUT YOU! When you are the only one to see it, there are no claps to help you along the way! In that respect, you must keep going because THIS IS HOW FAITH IS ESTABLISHED! And this is how I will get the glory!!!

When you are doing something for God, the enemy hates THAT!! You will be on a rollercoaster ride trying to figure everything out!

As an entrepreneur, there are times I want to say I QUIT! But then, God sends something my way to say, I DON’T THINK SO!

Oh how God’s Grace and Mercy has kept me and I will always give him the GLORY FOR MY LIFE!!

I laid here in my bed and said, I need to blog.

I wonder how many women are feeling defeated?

I wonder how many have understood the assignment but doubt and fear has played a role in not executing the idea?

So many ideas and so many women are counting on me to just do the assignment! How can I not let these women down?

My assignment has purpose and your assignment does too!!!

Remember the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy! That means he will have all type of negative energy being thrown your way!! Don’t be distracted!

It’s ok to be your biggest critic but don’t criticize yourself to the point where YOU LOSE ALL HOPE IN YOURSELF! The assignment is yours!!!

I can say God has truly blessed this blog every since I started back blogging. I can say he has blessed me as well! Even with all that being said, I still have some doubt and fear!

I pray every reader who is reading this blog find HOPE IN THEIR ASSIGNMENT! I pray God leads you and I to fulfill every assignment he has attached to our lives. I pray God removes and decrease the fear that’s holding you back from every victory promised to you! I pray if you do not know your assignment, you ask for guidance into finding your way! In Jesus Name, Amen!


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