Self worth- The importance of Celebrating yourself

I’m just going to jump right on in this one!!!

When was the last time you celebrated yourself?

When was the last time you told yourself, IM PROUD OF YOU AND WHO YOU HAVE BECOME! Or I’m proud of who you are becoming!!

Start celebrating yourself for the small things you do along this journey called life!

We often wait on GIGANTIC moments to celebrate ourselves!

You are worthy to be celebrated for everything you do in life, big or small!

Society has found a way to condition us to believe small things do not count. We miss so many amazing moments in our lives, because we focus so much on the BIG ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

Why do we have to celebrate just the most important days of our lives. Shouldn’t everyday be the most important day of our lives?

What if we celebrated every single day like it was an accomplishment completed?? I believe the world would be in a far better place!

For instance, when you make it home from a long day of being a responsible adult, you celebrate! Most of us don’t even say thank you God for getting us home safe and sound. We immediately go into preparing for the next day!!!


Think about that for a second. You woke up today, did your daily routine, came home, and did what? 🤔💭 think about that!!!!! Everyday can become a routine and that’s why most are so stressed, stuck, and drained!!!!

Let’s take that’s same day, and let’s find something to celebrate within that day.

You can say you are proud of yourself because you went to work today!!

You can say you are proud of yourself today because you cooked after working 8 hours today.

You can say you are proud of yourself because you were able to finish the day with a smile.

You can say you are proud of yourself because you didn’t let life get the best of you!!

You can say you moved to a better environment for yourself and if you have kids, them too!

You can say you are proud of yourself for even wanting to leave the toxic relationship!!

These are the small things along the journey we call LIFE!!!

So many people are doing so many different things, they don’t even get a chance to say THEY ARE PROUD OF THEMSELVES!

TONIGHT I WANT YOU TO TAKE A MOMENT AND SAY WHAT YOU ARE PROUD OF ALONG YOUR JOURNEY!!!! Write it down on something so you can see it, and then read it out loud!

Don’t wait until you walk across the stage to celebrate!!!

Don’t wait until the wedding day to celebrate your love!!

Don’t wait until the business is announced to the world to celebrate!!!

Don’t wait until the house is bought to celebrate!

Don’t wait until you get the big promotion to celebrate!!!

Celebrate NOW!!!!!

Celebrate you started the process!!!

Celebrate you found the name of the business!

Celebrate you reached out to a realtor to get started on finding the house!

Celebrate you signed up for school!

Celebrate that amazing idea you have!

Celebrate you left the relationship as hard as it was and you are still standing!

Celebrate the move because sometimes moving is scary!!!

Celebrate your happiness!

Celebrate you are not where you used to be!

Celebrate your growth!


You are worthy to be celebrated daily!!! No matter how many times life knocks you down, and you decide to get back up, THATS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!!!!


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