Self- Care- How do I balance it all?

Today as I sat at work, I had to ask myself, how do you balance it all. I sat at my computer thinking of all the things I had done this week. It’s Thursday and I’m like, where is Friday! As any other woman, I had a million and one things going on inside my head all at one time. What will the kids eat tonight? How much do we have left on Cayleigh’s project that’s due tomorrow. The one she told me about on yesterday. I have to stop at a store on the way home to get markers and crayons. All of this chaotic stuff comes after two days of work being like, am I coming or going. The company I work for has merged with two other companies. It’s a hot mess. I felt like screaming. I went home with a headache Tuesday. I was in bed by 9 pm and didn’t think twice about nothing else besides my bed that day.

How do I balance it all?

This entire week has been one of those week, where, I have had to question a lot of things. You know how when things are just out of order, and you just begin to question everything that you once wish would just fall in place. Yeah, it’s been that type of week for me.

I had to ask myself, how are you balancing all of this. The truth is, I do not know! I truly do not know how I can get everything done in 24 hours and get up the next day to do it all over again. I would have to say by the grace of God, I been able to be a good wife, be a good mom, and find time for myself without losing my sanity.

How do I balance it all?

I started my week off with church on Sunday after a very long weekend. I left church, went to get groceries for the week. I made it home and cooked my family some good ol gumbo. I prepared for the week ahead by planning all the things I had to get done throughout the week. I found some time just to breathe. When I think about it, my week was starting Sunday as being hectic. Monday, I worked half the day and then took my kids out for MLK activities. I was happy I didn’t have to cook dinner because leftovers were in the refrigerator from the previous night. Tuesday I made it to work and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! It was a mad house. Right after work, I had to rush home because my husband had a meeting. As I was pulling in the driveway he was pulling out.

You ever want to sit in your car just for like 5 minutes before getting out. Well I couldn’t do that because my kids were waiting with big smiles at the door, happy to see mommy. I told myself, ok get it together and find some energy. I couldn’t let the day of work ruin a moment like that. If I could keep my cool an entire day around strangers, I surely could find some energy for the two little people I love most in this world. When my husband made it home, I just put my head in his chest. This was after bathing and feeding the kids, doing homework, and listening to their fun filled day.

Wednesday wasn’t any better! I thought OMG, I’m about to find another job! My job hasn’t ever been like this! Maybe it’s time to figure some other things out! You know that’s when, you start to think of all the ideas you let slip away, or why THE BUSINESS YOU STARTED JUST CANT BE MAKING A MILLION DOLLARS YET! Or why if you haven’t started a business, when and why it can’t start! Why you hate working for people! Or why you just can’t be somewhere on a beach anywhere in this world. I came home cooked dinner and prepared for Cayleigh’s report. She has to memorize this poem, so I made up a rap and she killed it. I can’t be tired even if I am wore out. I didn’t add, I’m working on another stream of income. If I do not finish the outline, the deadline has to be pushed back! The show must still go on. Friday will be here in no time. That’s what I kept telling myself.

How do I balance it all?

Today, I started off the morning with a prayer as I always do but today was like, LOOK GOOD BE WITH ME TODAY!! Lol one of those prayers where you don’t even care what you say. Every word you really mean type prayers! I then put on my gospel music as I do everyday, but today I was like, let me put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD!! Lol

Before they could start the shenanigans, I said NOT TODAY! We will not be walking around here stressed out today. I’m not doing it! I said if you all can’t find me a solution to this mess, I’m not doing it. After lunch they came with so many solutions. We still have a lot to do but I was so happy I stood up for myself. I was happy they respected me saying NO! I meant it and I knew they could see it in my demeanor. All I could think about was how I started my day! FULL ARMOR OF GOD!!!

I called my husband around lunch time and just said y’all are on your own tonight. I don’t care what anyone eats tonight. It’s an every man for themselves type of night!! My poor husband said, dang, but ok!! Lol

It’s Thursday night and I just finished calling out spelling words, finished the book report, bathed my son, straighten the house up(because I sure didn’t clean it up), showed my husband some affection, and now about to find some me time.

As I finish this blog, I realize women are POWERFUL HUMAN BEINGS! The fact we can juggle so much and still get up the next day to do it all over again, I say we ROCK! I find happiness in knowing that, we were born to be STRONG AND COURAGEOUS WOMEN! If this world didn’t have us, how could THINGS GET DONE!! It’s ok to stop and say not tonight! It’s ok to say not today! It’s ok to SAY NO!!! That is how we get things DONE!!! THIS IS HOW I BALANCE LIFE!!!


2 thoughts on “Self- Care- How do I balance it all?

  1. Girl I can totally relate. Work, school for me, homework for them, and let’s not forget the husband, the meals, the us time. I told my husband one day you couldn’t last a day in my shoes lol. I salute you, but I agree it’s okay to push it off, to take a break, to say no, and that’s exactly why I’m not on fb because I’ll have my face buried there. I need that break from time to time, lol. This was a good post!

    1. Yes, it’s a lot and sometimes could be overwhelming. We get the job done no matter what is thrown at us!! I love being a woman because we hold a special power men could never relate to. Lol
      Yes most men can not walk a step in our shoes lol let alone a mile or day.

      Thank you so much for reading!

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