At the beginning of this year, I had all type of plans set in place to crush for the new year. They were all amazing plans set to accomplish all the unthinkable. To be honest, I had a lot of ideas that were just ideas. I wrote down the things I wanted to see happen in my life at certain times of the year, and yeah most didn’t happen. As I look back on 2019, most of the plans I set were just plans. If you know me, then you know I am a very thorough person that plans to a T. I cross every T and dot every I. I knew exactly what I was going to do with every idea.

As the saying goes, you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

God took me through some things in 2019!!

I can honestly say, his plans were far much greater than my plans could have ever been.

I was scared for the most part. As he was taking me through my journey,  I was scared because it was very unfamiliar. The unfamiliar phase in life is very scary. As I began to embrace what God was doing, things started to feel okay. Notice I said okay. lol

Sometimes God will change your plans because he knows you are just not READY! I don’t care how much we think we are ready, God knows BEST! 

Changing your plans do not mean they will not happen, it just means the timing isn’t right! Sometimes he knows we will sabotage the very thing we are hoping for if we are not ready!!! 

I had to do 2019 all by myself and with only GOD!!!!!

I’m going to say that again,

I had to do 2019 all by myself and with only GOD!!

I remember God speaking to me saying, you have to go alone!!! SCARY AS HELL!! I have to go by myself? Like God, by myself? God said, YES!!!!

It was in March of this year, that I had to go ALONE! I began distancing myself from everyone and everything. Talking about an eye opener for me.

The more I would sit alone, the more I found out more and more about myself. As the months continued throughout the year, I would becoming fully aware of why God told me to go ALONE!!




Every time I felt alone and sad, I would remind myself, it’s you and God! You GOT this!!

Every time I felt alone and sad, I would remind myself, it’s you and God! You GOT this!!

Sometimes in our darkest moments in life, we just have to be reminded that we are not alone. God is right there with us.

I would soon find out that to be in solitude, is to be in freedom with yourself and the creator!!!!

To be in freedom with one’s self, is to have clarity of what you want and what you do not want. Your expectations change and your perspective changes as things become clear.

As your expectation and perspective changes, a shift will occur. In that shift, you will then understand why you had to be alone with the creator!!!!!

Those ideas and plans I initially had were about self. When God gave me ideas, they were about people! Everything we are set on this earth to do is far beyond ourselves.

You ever heard the saying, ITS BIGGER THAN ME OR YOU? The reason is this, when we make the plans about self there is no fruit to bear witness, but when we make it about serving others, many will bear witness and God will get the GLORY!!!!

I had to learn to forgive others and myself in order to get here.

I had to become grateful for the things I have now.

I had to affirm greater things to come while using beautiful words to describe the life I want.

I had to look at myself in the mirror and understand all my flaws.

I had to be okay with being alone and losing people along the way.

I had to embrace the NEW ME and reintroduce myself

I had to understand peace means to be STILL!! Meaning everything is STILL around you. There is no drama or chaotic mess going around.

I had to give up trying to fix everybody and every problem around me.

I had to checkout from the world so many times this year

I had to be okay with not telling my side of the story until the time was right

I had to understand who I was and what I was worth with family and friends

I had to say NO and stand up for what I believed in, even if it meant losing people.

I had to cry some days when I did not understand what God was doing. I kept my faith and kept pushing.

I had to find time to spend with God for all of this to make sense.


So in your planning for the new year or the new decade, plan to have fruit that will be able to BEAR WITNESS!!!! Meaning, serve others so they can tell others about you!!!





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  1. Amazing to see your growth! I actually knew this would happen. God is taking you places and in that new place, you will be embraced by individuals who will sharpen the parts of you, that you never knew were there. Once that occurs, you will be in position to inspire MORE people and invoke change in others. Although comfort is fun and pleasing momentarily, this next level will impart everlasting JOY in your entire home.

    I am so proud of you for your growth and while you and I may have never been close on a personal level, I saw MORE in you and a vision of you going further than you could ever dream of. Unfortunately, although we desire to take others with us, carrying them is a heavy load. I do believe at the opportune time, you will be able to pull your hand out and pull SOME up once you get to the destination predestined for you. Until then, focus on God.

    Prophetically speaking, you are paving a way for generations to come. Your family and relatives will be blessed because of your sacrifices and I declare there shall be none poor (naturally or spiritually) among you or in your lineage. So, think about that when you’re alone. Remember, Harriet Tubman had to go to freedom ALONE and even then, some in bondage could not believe that freedom was possible for them.

    You are a living, breathing, modern-day bondage breaker but the breaking had to first start with you.

    Happy New Year Sweet Lady!


    Shenica S. Nelson, M.S. “The ONLY limits in life are the limits you create in your mind”


    1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 🙏🏽😊
      If I told you what I was doing when your message came across my phone as a notification, you wouldn’t believe me. God’s timing is always perfect timing and for that I’m forever grateful!

      I send this message back to you with nothing but gratitude in my entire soul! Every word you wrote came with a sense of emotion behind it. I felt this message beyond your words you wrote today.

      To appreciate your kind and gentle words today, I sat in solitude before responding. I took in every word with an awe of amazement. As I read this message, tears begin to flow from my eyes! Your words were pure and very selective in how you articulated them. I was elated with the message behind the words. It was very compelling to say the least.

      I received and welcome your prophetic word into my spirit because it was nothing but the Holy Spirit guiding you to write those words to me. Your obedience to write those words just opened up another door for you. Thank you for seeing something in me that I couldn’t see! I tell you this, you allowed God to use you and you was RIGHT ON TIME!! That’s all I can say! I was so speechless when I read the message. It came in the midst of me staring out of the window basically asking God why am I doing this!!! I promise I could cry just responding to you!

      I could never thank you enough for this message Shenica! If I ever wanted to give up, this message just set the tone for me not to ever give up no matter what!

      The comparison to Harriet was astonishing and all I can say is WOW!!! I pray God continue to use you to life up women like myself for this was beyond BEAUTIFUL!

      Thank you for the sincerity of this message! Simply amazing! I message back with nothing but pure gratitude in my soul!

      Happy New Year to you Beautiful and your Beautiful family!💕💫🙏🏽

      At this very moment I give all credit to God!!! I can’t take any credit for what he is doing in my life! I’m beyond grateful for how he is moving and how he is shifting the atmosphere for his Glory!!!

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