It’s not You

So many times a woman gives all she has to the relationship only to find herself thinking, she didn’t give enough.

We as women give, give, give until we are completely depleted. As the saying goes, until our well runs dry.

Today at this very moment, I want to say, IT IS NOT YOU!!!!!!!!

You have giving your all and have done everything you could, so hold your head high girl!!

So many women think they can’t find love because it is something about them. That’s a whole fat lie! Yes, I said a FAT LIE!

You are the prize and you are FAVOR!

Let me say that again

You are the PRIZE AND YOU ARE FAVOR!!! When a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing and obtain favor from God!!! HE FINDS A GOOD THING!

I wish I could get this through to women!!!

So many women find it hard to love because the guy they are dating doesn’t know how to love. You have all this love to give, yet he can’t even accept it because he was never loved probably! Or even shown how to love!

We are born to give love and for the most part we love hard. We forgive much easier and it takes us longer to get out of love.

It’s so important to know that, sometimes it’s NOT YOU IN THE RELATIONSHIP!!!!! We fight harder for love too!

We when think it’s us, we begin to question everything.

What did I do wrong to make him not love me?

Am I not pretty enough?

Did I gain too much weight or did I lose too much weight?

Could I not do it like the other woman could?

Am I too nagging?

Did I not show him how much I loved him?

Oh the list can go on!!!! The truth is, you did everything you could!!! All the while losing yourself to only lose yourself!!! Let me say that again!!!

You lost yourself in him only to lose yourself period!!!

You lost yourself trying to love him, while losing yourself to love you!!! This is where your depletion starts! This is where self doubt starts! This is where hope in love is lost! This is where the part about you can’t trust any man begins! This is where low confidence entering another relationship starts!

So what if I told you, it was never because of you that the relationship didn’t go too well! If you know in your entire heart, YOU GAVE IT YOUR ALL- then he just wasn’t ready for YOU!!

Do you know you can be too much for a man? Yes you can be too much for a certain guy!!!! So many men are not loved properly or even shown how to love. Is that an excuse, NOPE but it is a FACT!!! It’s a fact and reality that we as women must look at when we look at ourselves. When we begin to think we are not enough for him, maybe YOU WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR HIM!!!! He just didn’t have the tools to accept everything you was giving!!!

So stop doubting yourself and constantly depleting your ability to love properly. You have the tools, unless have trauma yourself. You are ready to love, meanwhile he don’t even know the meaning of love- Toni Braxton lol


They need to be held accountable!!! And stop giving excuses like it’s just a man thing!


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