Scared to let go

I often times get a lot of women who are going through so much in their relationships. I often sit and listen to many of them without being judgmental. I have always been a person to listen first, and ask questions later when dealing with relationships.

I have found being a listening ear have allowed me to understand all type of relationships.

Amazing relationships

Great relationships

Beautiful relationships

God fearing relationships

Ok relationships

Crazy relationships

Lonely relationships

Abusive(mental, verbal, and physical) relationships

Loving relationships

Relationships with infidelity

Just together with no purpose type relationships

I mean, I have heard about so many. I have even mentored most of them, if not all.

Some relationships end well even with ups and downs, while some end ugly.

The reason most end so ugly, is because many people are scared to let go. Many people stay until there is actually nothing left on both ends.

If most people would leave after a couple of times things just don’t add up, we wouldn’t have so many people afraid to love again. The thing is, a person literally drains themself knowing in the back of their minds, it’s not going to work out.

First 5 years let’s you know if the relationship is going to work out or not. These years are so pivotal because, this is when you first get to know a person. In about the 3rd year, the person starts to get comfortable with you.

The number one thing with most women, is they try to FIX THE GUY


The number one thing with most women, is they try to FIX THE GUY!!!

The number two is, they ignore all the ugly signs πŸ™„πŸ™„- the one I absolutely hate!!!

Women have what I call, the most precious gift to man, and that is AN INTUITION!!!! We absolutely know when something isn’t right, and yet we ignore all the signs.

So many women get left heartbroken because of these very two things!! If most would accept WHAT IT IS AND MOVE ON without questioning themselves, they will actually be in a better state of mind when leaving the relationship.

When a person shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM!- Maya Angelou

Being scared to let go can be so detrimental to your love life! You have to know when to let go!!! Stop waiting on someone to change! Most people do not change when others want them to! They change when they want to and are when they are ready to change for themselves!!!!!!!!

Sometimes leaving at that very right moment can make all the difference in how your love life turns out!!!


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