How Should Love Feel

Ephesians ch. 5 vs 22-33

Take a moment out of your busy schedule today and read the verse I put at the top of this blog.

How should love really feel? Love is an emotion that everyone feels. The truth is, God has set the example and has giving instructions on how love should feel.

Have you ever examined the way God wants an individual to love you? Probably not! We are so consumed with the fixed ideas of how love should suppose to be, that we missed the entire message.

We go to God, asking him to help us find love. We even pray about the love we have with an individual. Yet, we never really start the foundation with the instructions God has laid out for us to follow.

Ask him how much he loves himself next time you go on a date! And ask him what are his views on marriage- that will save you a lot of energy and time! 😊

God said, the husband shall love his wife as he love himself. Other words, the love that a husband has for is wife should be equivalent to how he loves himself. God said, he has never seen a man hate his own flesh! The man will take care of himself as he should do the same for his wife!

God said, the wife should submit to her husband just as she has to the Lord!! That’s so powerful!!! You have to truly get that part! You as a woman should SUBMIT TO YOUR OWN HUSBAND LIKE YOU SUBMIT TO GOD!

Here is the thing, most women submit to the wrong man and wonder why the love dies out QUICKLY! Most women submit to her boyfriend and wonder why submission IS HARD!!! It was never designed for a woman to submit to a man that is not HER HUSBAND! NEVER!!!!

Your man will have an idea he suppose to be a husband because he was designed to be that!

If you are dating someone and he has no desire to be your husband, that should bring about a RED FLAG 🚩


If he doesn’t know why he was created, then how can he love you properly ! He was created to become a husband, love you just as he love himself and leave his parents! This is for any man that’s in a relationship!

If he doesn’t love himself – wheeewwwww RED FLAG 🚩- he definitely can’t love you so move around!

You are designed to submit to your husband! AS THE SAYING GOES- PERIOD! Lol

Your submissiveness is a sign of love for the man! 😊

If you can’t submit to him as his wife- that should bring a RED FLAG 🚩!

You were created to be submissive! But here is the biggest misconception about that, there is two sides to this story! You are to be submissive to your OWN HUSBAND who will love you just as HE LOVES HIMSELF!!!

The problem comes, when most women become submissive to the THE BOYFRIEND! And you wonder why you have a hard time being submissive. You wonder why you feel like being submissive is weak. Your submissiveness is the way God designed you to love your husband. You wonder why being submissive is so hard to do! It’s actually not hard at all! You don’t truly love him the way you think you do! 😊 Take a moment and think about that for a second! Think about all the people you have dated and said I love you to. Did you really love them, if so then you could submit to them? 😊

You just have to make sure who you are being submissive to, is who God called to be your husband. The husband who actually understands his creation and his guidance to love you completely like he truly loves himself!

Don’t forget

Ask him how much he loves himself next time you go on a date! And ask him what are his views on marriage- that will save you a lot of trouble and time! 😊 Ask yourself can you be submissive to him by truly loving him no matter what!


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