Love cont.

So the last blog post was getting into relationships and the three things men need.

We have explored the other two in the first blog. So here is the third one. Companionship from his lady! Believe it or not, most men want you to be engaged with everything they are doing. Well just about everything. It goes back to number two, making him feel like a man. You being in engaged in all the things he likes helps him feel as though he is the man. Now this doesn’t mean things that’s harmful to the both of you. I mean things like, if he likes to work out, guess what, YOU NEED TO LIKE TO WORK OUT!! If he likes to play any type of sports, guess what, you need to cheer him on or play with him. If he likes to play the game(video) ask him to teach you how to play the game(those late nights he spend on the game will soon become uninterested once you get involved lol) he then will figure he could be using that time doing something else(read between the lines).

Some of you lose your attractiveness when you getting in a relationship. Get all comfortable. Wait I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s for the next blog.

Now let’s go to the three things women need in order for a relationship to work. Women are emotional creatures. We have days when, we are down for whatever for our men, then we have days, where we want to say we don’t need no man. We are so wishy washy and we wonder why men can’t figure us out. Well here are three things that can help a man when it comes to his relationship.

1. A woman needs AFFECTION! Because we are emotional creatures, we need affection. We need the kiss on the forehead. We need the good morning text, we need the baby I was just calling to see how your day was going. We need the compliments that are enduring. We need the just because flowers. We need your affection!!!! It is the only way we stay connected and the only was we will stay fully committed. We could be committed but sometimes not fully committed. You give us these things we will give you all the things you NEED!!!

2. A woman need a man to LEAD! As much as most of us are very independent women, we thrive off of a man leading the way. The most independent woman will let a man lead her, if he knows how to lead! Again we are emotional and our days are filled with so many different things, the last thing we need is to tell a man how to lead us. It’s very frustrating and very hard to submit to. Men are created to LEAD!

3. A woman need a PROJECT (your vision and your purpose) in life. See we were created to carry things and birth things. When you don’t have a vision for your life, you will not be seen as a man in the woman’s eyes. If you give us a house, we will make it a home. You give us your business plans and we will have you up and running in no time. You give us your seed(not sure how to put that) but we will give you a child. We are naturally made to give to you but if you do not give us anything to work with we produce NOTHING!!

Bonus note for men: be honest and opened with us, this helps with the projects we create to help us. If you are always lying this frustrates us and have us mad as hell because again we are trying to put projects together, that we can’t even figure out!!! This is why MOST ARGUMENTS HAPPEN!!!

Remember this- women tell you how they feel and not what they really think, men tell you what they think and not how they feel!

Women are emotional!

Men are logical!


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