Most of us are in relationships and never really had the tools to even accommodate the relationship. We wonder why relationships are not lasting. We often point the finger at one another, but truth be told, we are all CLUELESS ABOUT HOW RELATIONSHIPS ARE ACTUALLY suppose to be.

The number one thing we all lack is communication. Communication is the very thing that can either make or break your relationship. The moment communication stops is the moment the relationship starts to go down hill.

We also lack friendship in the relationship. Most of us just want to be in love. Well let me tell you about love. Love is a feeling that can turn in an instant. I can love you one minute and then dislike you the next. I kinda dislike when people use the words I LOVE HIM OR I LOVE HER!! The question is DO YOU LIKE HER/HIM?

We also lack the knowledge of what the man needs and what the woman needs are. We are so lost, that we only see the physical side of things when getting involved in relationships.

I am going to give you three things the man needs and three things the woman needs in order to have a productive relationship.


The number one thing a man need is SEX! You probably like what. God created men to BE STRONG(testosterone), to lead(head of house), and to protect! A man has a hormone called testosterone- this needs to be released for a man to function properly. Most women think that’s all he want to do is have sex! No the truth is, he doesn’t just want to have sex HE NEEDS THIS IN ORDER TO GET THINGS DONE!

Ex: when a man releases his testosterone(use your mind) he becomes very calm! You can basically get anything out of him. God has created him to protect so he must be strong to do so. He doesn’t want to fight to have sex because this is what he needs! If he doesn’t get it from you, he then goes to someone else for it! Some may say even if I give it to him, he still will go out to get it from someone else. I will say this to that very person, if he does than YOU ARE NOT FULFILLING HIM! And it might be time to move ON ๐Ÿ˜Š. Don’t be stupid! I’m just saying what he needs.

Second thing is, he needs to feel like he is the man! Men love for you to build them up! It’s apart of the DNA! Complimenting them makes them feel like warriors!!! The moment you begin to tear them down, is the moment they want to find any little thing that will build them up! They are teddy bears deep down inside but it takes a special woman to bring that side out of them. When was the last time you sent him a good morning text? When was the last time you left him a note? When was the last time you made sure he knew he was appreciated? When was the last time you did something just for him? If you do all these things and still no act right indeed it’s time to MOVE ON!!!

To be continued


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