Cleanse your mind

Cleanse your spirit

Cleanse your heart

Take a moment to cleanse your life. Remove the toxins that have been weighing you down.

You might ask, how do I cleanse or remove the toxins that have been weighing you down.

Anything that requires absolutely to much unnecessary energy is a toxin that needs to be cleansed from your mind, body, and soul.

In order for anything to grow, there must be room and space. So many times we are wondering why growth isn’t occurring with us. Truth is, when you don’t give yourself an opportunity for growth you hinder everything in your life. So many of us are so clogged with STUFF, that we don’t even realize there is no room for ANYTHING.

When a farmer wants to plant something, he makes room for the new seeds he is about to plant. He understand that harvest season is a very vital phase in the planting stage. You see some of us need to look at the end goal first, so that we may understand why the beginning phase must happen. He start by pulling up wild weeds. He then understand the soil must be right so he waters it( the nurturing phase) He cleanses the area because if he has bad soil( the foundation of growth) the entire process will be worthless. After his soil is cleanse and probably nurtured(your soul and spirit) he can then begin to plant his seeds. He digs up dirt to plant the seeds on his hands and knees( the process of getting down and dirty). He covers the seeds back with the same dirt he dug up. He is very specific with how he covers the dirt up( you must be very specific on how you want to be covered) You can’t let anything or anybody cover you. Then he waters the soil again. After the entire process, he doesn’t just leave the seeds to grow by themselves. He take his time by constantly watering the dirt in which the seeds are under. He continues to pull wild weeds during the growth process as well(your thoughts and actions that do not align with who you are trying to become has to be stripped) He continues to check the soil with his hands. That space is constantly being monitored( your space must be closely and constantly monitored when people are coming in and out of it) You must check your surroundings when you are cleansing yourself to allow growth to happen. The farmer doesn’t leave that space until harvest season occurs. You must stay in your space until you see the manifestation of growth occurring as you begin to cleanse yourself. There is a daily process that must happen everyday so that you may reap what you have sown. In the end, the farmer gets multiple fruits that he is able to sell to consumers. This is what makes the farmer happy and always willing to continue to plant. 😊

Do you want multiple blessings? If so, take some time to cleanse and plant(fill yourself with necessary things to help your growth) and great things will come! Once you feel that excitement of amazing growth, you will always want to cleanse and plant as blessings begin to flow continuously in your life! 😉


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