Fitting In

Are you trying to stay and fit into something you were meant to outgrow?

I have lived my entire life trying to fit in. I always knew I was different but never really wanted to accept the fact I was really different. I did things even when I knew they wasn’t right, just so I could fit in.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize who they truly are. For me, I’ve had to come to terms with WHO I AM! When you know who YOU ARE, YOU HAVE NO TIME TO FIT IN! YOU ARE THE ONE THAT SUPPOSE TO STAND OUT! EVEN IF STANDING OUT MEANS STANDING ALONE! 😊

I have had to tell myself, you can’t worry about what others think of you. So what if they say, you think you better than everyone. So what if they think you are FULL OF YOURSELF. So what if they say, because you have this or that you have changed. SO WHAT!!! Let them TALK! People will always have something to say whether you are doing good or bad!

The same people talking, are the same people wishing they had what you had. Or are the same people wishing they were in your position.

I don’t fit in because I wasn’t built to fit in! I’m built to stand OUT!!! God created me to be more than someone that fits in! It took me along time to get this!

You see the entire time you are trying to fit in, you are losing the very essence of why you were CREATED!

She think she is full of herself, yes you are right I am full of myself and that’s why my cup runneth over- Oprah

I have let go trying to fit in because it’s just not for me!!! I found out what I have inside of me IS WAY TO BIG TO FIT IN ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT GOD HAS FOR ME!!!


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