Push yourself to START!!!

I truly don’t know who this is for, my entire spirit is saying GOD IS SAYING START!! You have to start whatever you have been wrestling with. Early this week I wanted to blog about what are you wrestling with. But God wasn’t ready for me to release that blog. I could not get the words to form at all the other day, so I changed the topic. Today I received this word and I have fire on the inside of me as I type.

You need to start whatever it is he has placed down on the inside of you, because what you have IS NEEDED!!! WHATEVER GOD IS SAYING FOR YOU TO DO- DO IT!!!

As I was driving a couple of weeks ago during my worshiping hour, God spoke so clear to me. God said what if Kelontae Gavin did not do what I called him to do, you wouldn’t be able to worship with the song you are worshiping with. My thought process began at that very moment. All I could do was smile and say, I hear you GOD! God spoke a word to me by saying, the same way I gave him something, I gave you something. But as long as you keep what I gave you down on the inside of you, you are serving NO PURPOSE!!! Somebody needs what you have! And sure enough this week, I have had so many women say to me, PLEASE KEEP THE BLOGS COMING!

GOD DID NOT JUST GIVE YOU AN IDEA, that idea is to help someone else! He did not give you that ministry or that knowledge or that whatever for your PERSONAL GAIN!!! He gave you all of that to HELP SOMEONE ELSE so he could get the GLORY FOR IT!

Nothing God gives us, is for us!!!! You are here to serve HIS PEOPLE AND HIS KINGDOM!!! Whether or not you go to church YOU STILL HAVE PURPOSE!!!!

You will not get FULLY BLESSED UNTIL YOU RELEASE WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU!!! IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU AT ALL!!! You have been planning long enough and preparing long enough!!! Now you have to get STARTED!!! 

What is that thing you keep wrestling with that you know in your entire being you need to do but you are so scared to do? Whatever comes to you mind, I’m here to tell you START TODAY ON THAT VERY THING AND WATCH HOW GOD CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!


4 thoughts on “Push yourself to START!!!

    1. Yess!! Just start even if you don’t know HOW AND WHERE TO START! God will guide you and I’m a living witness to that! Love ya too Ms. Mel 💕😘💕

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