Circumstances vs Decisions


I don’t know who this is for but I want to tell you don’t let your circumstances stop you from being GREAT. Often time we find ourselves in certain circumstances that we feel as though we can’t get out of. I could write a book about how I grew up and seen a lot of things coming up. I always knew what I wanted for my life. I just knew if I made the right decisions I could end up right where I wanted to be. My decisions were really based off my surroundings aka my circumstances growing up. Some things I was proud to be apart of but some not so much.

I saw some of my cousins drop out of school at an early age. I saw my cousins sell drugs and use them. I saw them have kids at an early age. – this was not the life I wanted for myself!

I remembered saying to myself early on, I’m going to finish school- I did.

I’m going to go to college and finish- I did

I’m not going to have a child until I am married- I did

I’m going to have a career- I do

I’m going to work hard for everything I have and not be around drugs or anyone who sell or use them- I have done that so far.

Every decision you decide to make and truly stick to it, God will do the rest.

I can remember my great grandmother telling everyone in my family to invest in real estate. My family owns an entire street just because she decided to invest in properties. None of my cousins listened to her but I sure did. I can remember my great grandmother wearing the best of the best. She only shopped at the high end stores, where when you walking in those stores THE WORKERS KNEW YOU HAD MONEY. I remember saying I’m going to be just like my great grandmother one day. I saw a woman who was confident and who knew what she wanted. I always say I get that from her.

✨The decisions you make today will affect your tomorrow ✨

I come from a place where most would say I shouldn’t have the things I have today. Most will say how did she get this or that.

I don’t care how smart you are or how beautiful you are, if you don’t make the right DECISIONS your life will end in misery.

Life is about DECISION MAKING- it’s just that simple 😊



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  1. Your homegirl needed this Bird. I have been pondering over so many things, now it’s time for better decisions. Thank you 😘

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