Connecting the DOTS!

72852252-0E16-451F-9680-0C9D69F1F61CYou ever sit and think about your childhood years? Did you know that God placed gifts and purposes in you way before you enter this world? Did you know that most of us did our purpose as little kids but somehow someone shattered them along the way of life. The American Dream have killed so many gifts and purposes all because someone said GO TO SCHOOL AND GET A GREAT EDUCATION SO YOU COULD LIVE WELL! All those things are awesome but how many people have went to school, received a great education, found a job in their career and LOVE WHAT THEY DO? Not many! God preordained us with gifts and purposes to make the world a better place.

Kids normally do things that tend to match their purposes and gifts long before they realize they have those gifts and or talents. It’s almost effortless when you think about it. You can’t teach someone their gift nor their purpose. It is something that’s drives you and something you can never stop thinking about. It’s a feeling that truly can’t be explained and only you know what it is. You are the only person that can either spark it or kill it! I KNOW THAT SOUNDS CRAZY but it’s the TRUTH!!

As a child I did a lot of crazy things but as I look back God was preparing me for who I was to become as an adult. Everything started to make perfect sense to me as I started to ask God to help me find my gift and my purpose. He began to allow me to connect the dots.

Take a moment and just think about what you did as a kid that you truly enjoyed doing. What was it that made you feel as though the world didn’t matter as long as you was doing that THING? What made you happy? What were you enthused about? I bet when you think of it, you will feel as though you did it without much effort!

Think about your life as a kid, teenager, and now adult. Look for some patterns and events that have occurred that made you feel AMAZING AFTER YOU DONE THOSE THINGS!!!

I could remember talking so much when I was a kid.  Smiling to me was a big deal. I wasn’t aware of my dimple and how unique it was at the time. It has become my signature mark of beauty that draws people in. And as a kid I always wanted to help people in need. I wanted to see people happy! I never wanted anyone to feel as if they didn’t matter. I loved to give advice and to figure out things. As a kid I wanted to do those things. I could remember the teachers calling home saying this girl just will not be quiet in class. I thought why, I have so much to say. Well as you can see I am still giving advice, still talking way more than I did in school, still smiling with my dimple, and I love to see people happy still to this day.

My purpose is to make sure people know their value and their worth. God has given me one dimple so when I smile people are attached to me instantly because of my beauty within and outside. I understand my smile 😊 itMy purpose is to inspire people with my words. God has given me a gift that allows me to use words in ways others can not. I have the ability to see things others don’t see and I have the gift of knowing just how to use my words.

I wish the teachers would have embraced my talking and allowed me to express myself vs making me feel bad about talking so much. They almost shattered my purposes and gifts but I CHOSE TO CONNECT THE DOTS!!!

Take a moment and connect your dots!


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