You can’t LIMIT GOD

Here I am at the crack of dawn giving God praises and GLORY for being more than AMAZING!!!! God has a way of doing things that ensures he WILL GET ALL THE GLORY! God woke me up out of my sleep and asked me, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU INSPIRED SOMEONE. He said because that’s what you do, you inspire people. People are watching you whether you like it or not. My answer was, I think last week, I think. See when God start to ask you questions, you better get a little worried lol. He wants to know are you using what I gave you to use or should I give it to someone else. For me, I’m like I better get it together. So here it is, I hope we as in God, my husband, and I inspire someone TO NOT LIMIT GOD!

Recently both my  husband and I just purchased our very first home. EXCITED MOMENT IN OUR LIVES!!!!😊😊 Every time I think about the process the words that come to my mind is, DO NOT LIMIT WHAT GOD COULD DO FOR YOU!!! God met us in that process with BOLD INSTRUCTIONS! See when he gives you BOLD INSTRUCTIONS please do not hesitate to MOVE!! He is a man of his word and I haven’t seen his words return back to him voided. Even when you do not understand THE INSTRUCTIONS GOD GIVES YOU, MOVE ANYWAY! It’s call trusting him and having faith in him!

The beautiful thing I love about God, is he will have you feeling like ion know God, but then YOU WOULD BE SO CALM ABOUT IT. Peace is what that is called. Someone said, when GOD IS IN IT, PEACE WILL BE PRESENT! I truly believe that with all my heart!!!

So the process began and I personally set a budget, talked it over with my husband and we went from there. We looked at 4-5 homes in that process. We was very adamant on what we wanted to spend for a home. So the first home we decided to go with, was all wrong! It didn’t really have everything we wanted in the home,  but it was a brand new home that had just been built. It is funny how God works, when he don’t want something to happen in your life, HE LEAVES AND SO DOES THE PEACE👀😬😩🤔!! I love emojis lol. God usually speaks to you in the strangest times of the day, usually when he has your undivided attention. For me, that’s usually before the crack of dawn.

My family and I was on vacation in Florida, ending the summer. God woke me up at 3:30 am that Tuesday morning and said BACK OUT THAT HOUSE! I said God we put $1000 down and we may not get it back. You telling me to tell my husband we need to back out. He said I didn’t tell you to get that house in the first place. He said BACK OUT! I said ok! Realizing the process was so stressful and nothing was coming together with that house. When God is not in it, PEACE WILL NOT BE THERE!!!

I waited until later that day and called the realtor and spoke with the lender. I said we are going to walk away from that house. My heart was beating super fast, I begin to cry because my kids had picked their rooms, and it was our first home. I looked up to the God and said but I trust you. Even when it don’t feel good to you, still trust God!!! He is a man of his word, and his word says ALL THINGS WORK FOR THE GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE ME! And of course my favorite scripture proverbs ch 3 vs 5-6 LEAN NOT TO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING BUT IN ALL THY WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE AND TRUST GOD!

So we were back at square one. Confused and feeling like we just handed someone $1000 and it was gone just like that.

So we began to look at other homes and nothing was matching our style. NOTHING!! So I was up late one night and this home caught my eye but the price was so high, I was like it’s no way we could afford this. I just kept going back to it. So I finally sent it to my husband and he was like it’s super nice but that’s too much. The crazy part is the people had already came down $10,000. I said it’s no way they will come down anymore to fit our budget. I couldn’t let this house go. So I told my husband, I’m going to send it to the realtor and let’s just look at it. He said man for WHAT! We not getting that house, it’s too expensive! I said we just looking at it, you just never know. I said I will pray on it if it’s something we like. He said ok. Well because we had been in a budget, when I sent it to the realtor she called and said this HOUSE IS OUT THE BUDGET! I said I know, but we just want to see it!

We look at 3 homes that day, and finally the home that was by far the best home we looked at. We walked in and my husband and I looked at each other, and just smiled lol. In the back of our minds we knew we could not afford it but it just felt good to see something that could potentially be ours if we SET GOALS AND ONE DAY GO FOR SOMETHING SO BEAUTIFUL! We walked out and didn’t think nothing of it and wasn’t going to put an offer.

Well I called one of my friends who had purchased a home and these were their (her and her husband) words, GET WHAT YOU WANT AND PRAY ABOUT IT IF ITS OUT OF YOUR BUDGET, BUT DO NOT LIMIT GOD!

So both my husband and I talked about it and I said let’s put in an offer that is close to our budget. He said you think they gone come down on the price. I said, I do not know but it’s worth the try. Before I called the realtor, I got on my knees and I said ok God I’m gone need you to pull a couple of strings and mend these people hearts to be willing to come down on that price. I was very specific in that prayer.

I called the realtor and guess what she said, THEY NOT GONE DO THOSE NUMBERS, I CAN TELL YOU THAT NOW! I said ok well let’s just see. I said you want me to present it or you gone do it. She was so iffy and said we need another number because I’m pretty sure they are not going to accept that price. I said, I tell you what let’s present that price and ask them to put the closing cost. She said have you lost your mind! I said kinda! Lol I said I can’t limit God and what he can do. I know what I prayed about, so yeah present that for us. She called back the next day, GIRL THOSE PEOPLE ACCEPTED THAT OFFER AND ADDED AN EXTRA $500. 💃🏽🙌🏽💃🏽🙌🏽 I SAID YOU BETTER COME THROUGH GOD! Heart beating fast but just smiling because GOD WAS IN THIS PROCESS AND I FELT GOOD ABOUT IT! PEACE WAS THERE. Everything fell right in place! God made it to where I wasn’t afraid to ASK FOR SOMETHING SO BIG AND OUT OF REACH! He showed how faithful he is and how AMAZING HE IS!! He told me GET OUT OF MY WAY AND STOP LIMITING ME!

God showed up and OUT on last Friday when we received the keys! God made it where they issued us a check at closing. DONT KNOW HOW THAT HAPPENED 🤷🏽‍♀️🙌🏽🤷🏽‍♀️! So that Lil $1000 was well worth losing in that process because what he did in the end WAS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

Do not limit GOD!!!!!!!!!!! That is my new motto!!

This will not just happen for me because I’m not that special. It happens to anyone who isn’t afraid to trust God!! I give him all the glory!!! He is beyond amazing and will always HAVE OUR BACKS!!


Those bottom homes are homes I stayed in when I was a child! The top is what my husband and I purchased with God guiding every step of the way!

Im just a girl from a small town that has BIG DREAMS!!!! Dream SO BIG THAT IT SCARES YOU!!! It’s not where you come from that makes you who you are, ITS WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND THE PROCESSES THAT YOU GO THROUGH THAT MAKES YOU THE PERSON YOU ARE!!!! Be blessed 😘😘


Be Inspired because that’s what I do, I INSPIRE!!! 😘😘😘😘




33 thoughts on “You can’t LIMIT GOD

  1. This is the best blog you have ever written and it inspires me so much to look at my best friend making dreams come true..this actually gives every one around you a feeling like Wae won..words can never express how happy I am for you…I’m like Drake right now STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE!!! I always say WE because just knowing you made it makes me feel like I’ve won😘😘

  2. I am so happy for you and Mordy!!!! When God is for us who can be against us. I love yall!!!!!

  3. Tarneshia !!!!! Honey you are on Fire for the Lord !!!! Not only are you BLESSED , but you are so TALENTED !!!!!!And you are so right GOD HAS NO LIMIT !!!!! Best Blog ever!!!! You make me so PROUD .

    1. 😘😘😘😘 awww thanks mom!!! I’m sooo thankful and humbled and grateful and just more thankful 😂😂 I am and it’s only the beginning!!! Love you 😘😘😘

  4. I got goose bumps reading this, of course I’m teary eyed again lol. I’m such a punk. Again I am so proud and happy for y’all. God is indeed good!!!!

  5. Girl I’m over here shouting!!!!!! Sooo hapoy for you and your family! You definitely INSPIRED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!😢😢😍😗 THANK YOU!!!!

  6. This is an awesome testimony! I’m so happy for you and your family …good lesson taught “Don’t Limit God” ..that home is amazing!

  7. Congratulations!!!!!
    Phenomenal testimony!!! God Never cease to amaze me, if we just trust & believe in him we will reap the harvest. Continue to seek God, have faith in him & his word, & watch how he moves in you & your family lives. God is AMAZING!!!!! #Don’tLimitGod#DreamBig#InspireOthers

  8. Thats a huge accomplishment, I love genuine words from genuine ppl!! Congrats and continue to be blessed classmate!!

  9. I’m just reading your blogs and I must say this is my favorite one !! I love it sis keep going its more to come,,whew chile you taking bout chills !!! Lol love always your number one fan ! ❣

    1. This is beyond amazing 😊!!! I give all glory to God!!! Im smiling because I am finally walking into my purpose 🤞🏽🙌🏽 I truly appreciate your kind words and to have you as my number one fan is ALWAYS A BLESSING 😘😘

  10. This was a very interesting Blog. I relate the same message to my friends to stop limiting God and trust his process. God is good and has been tremendously good to me and my family. You along are a inspiration to more people than you may believe. I can continue reading on and on. You did everything god wanted you to and that was confessing, believing and receiving all of what god has for you. I’m happy for you and I look forward to catching up on your blogs.

    My favorite scripture is also proverbs 3:5 and Luke 1:45 blessed is she who believes god will fulfill His promises to her.

    1. Awww thank you so much!!! 😊😊💕 so many kind words that are just needed!! I truly appreciate your feedback and perception about the blog. God is AMAZING AND ANYTHING THAT MAKES HIM HAPPY, I WANT TO BE APART OF THAT!!! Thank you for that other scripture as well!!! I will add that to my scriptures!! May God bless you in everything you do! Kiss my girl for me with her pretty self(Virgo) Lol 😊😊💕

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