You can not be you

You can not be you, if you not being you!!!!

Who are you?


1. You are the person that looks you back in the mirror.

2. You are that person that loves life!

3. You are that person that loves to have fun and laugh at just about everything.

3. You are that dreamer!

4. You are that person who wants to feel how love suppose to feel.

5. You are that person who wants everything to themselves lol aka the selfish one.

6. You are the one God has chosen to live out your purpose according to his will.

7. You are that person who just sits and wonder what life could have been if this or that happened.

8. You are that one person that annoys everybody you come in contact with.

9. You are that person that everybody loves.

10. You are that one person that every body trust.

11. You are that one person that people admire from a distance.

12. You are that person that always wants to see others do GREAT!

13. You are that one person that makes life difficult for themselves just because you can’t understand mistakes happens! Just get back up again.

14. You are that mother wishing you have did things differently. Don’t beat yourself up! Things happen. Just own it and move on.

15. You are the one person that just don’t KNOW WHERE U WANT TO GO OR BE IN LIFE! That’s ok just find something before you be out of time!

16. You are that one person that hates to forgive others because that makes you feel weak. Well guess what God forgive and he wants you to as well. Forgiveness is the key to happiness in life.

17. You are that one person that has forgot to live a little because life is very serious to you. Find some joy along the way. It’s good for your soul.

18. You are the one person that most say is embarrassing to be around. Well guess what find some people that are not so embarrassed with being around you. You are who you are! Never change for nobody.

19. You are that one beautiful person that most are intimidated by but, all someone has to do is get to know you, both inside and out. Don’t feel bad for being beautiful, that’s how God made you. He will bring other beautiful people around you.

20. You are that one person that pretends! You want to fit in so bad, that you DONT even realize it’s making you not KNOW WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

21. You are the liar! So afraid of the truth because it will expose you so deep, that even you might not like yourself. Find the truth and live by it. That’s a more healthier life to live.

22. You are a cheater! U will not let no one in because you have been hurt so many times. But again find yourself and forgive and allow love to win again in your life.

23. You are the doubter! Always bad mouthing things and people. Keep that negative energy with the devil. Find God and things will be revealed like never before.

24. You are the sweetest person anyone could come across yet so many people walk all over you. Well my friend, it is time to get strong and grow some balls. Speak up for yourself and stop letting people take your kindness for weakness.

25. You are a child of GOD!!! And that’s all that matters!! You are who you are no matter what others think. Be you!!!

Be you and be yourself!! Be True to who you are but also be aware of how you treat others.


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  1. Wow! This is really what I needed to realize some things about who I really am & am not. Thanks TSW! Always inspiring!

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