Last day of Self-Love

I am so excited that this series has come to an end. I am also so grateful so many people reached out to me via comments, emails, and messages. Telling me I inspired them! God is truly behind all of this and I’m just following his lead! This series has taught me so much as well. I can honestly say, I too have been inspired!!

Today I’m going to be a little transparent with Self-Love! I want to be able to connect to my viewers so what other way to do so.

Many people wanted to know how can I speak so highly about self-love. Some even wanted to know why did I choose the topic from the start. Well, honestly this topic has been on my heart for some time now. I wanted to touch basis with self-love because so many people are struggling with loving themselves.

It was a time in my life when I didn’t fully understand how to love myself as I do now. It was a time where I was trying to figure all of this out too. What did I mean to God? What did I mean to the world? What did I mean to myself? I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life. I have had some moments in my life in which I’m not too proud of. The one thing I had to do to get to where I am now, was hold on to God like never before!

In 2009, my life changed forever! This was the year I had my daughter who happens to be my oldest child. It’s like a lightbulb went off in my head when the doctors placed her in my arms for the very first time. Everything about that moment stuck with me. God has blessed me with a individual that I was now responsible for. Of all of my failures I had experienced, my mind told me I couldn’t fail this little precious gift from God.

When we made it home from the hospital, I begin to put more things in perspective. I am a mom! I am somebody’s wife! Wow God, just Wow! This is what every girl dreams of being, a mom and being somebody’s wife. For me, I thought how could I be great at both of them without failing these two people! Totally forgot about myself in that very moment!

Well, the failures happened day in and day out! It took practice! Being a mother isn’t easy but one of the best jobs on this earth. Being a wife is no walk in the park! Marriage is WORK, DAY IN AND DAY OUT!  After the failures happened, I begin to look to God. I asked him to guide me in both areas. I asked him to show me things I couldn’t see with my own eyes. I asked him to just guide every step of the way! I begin to pray harder and longer and longer and harder! God allowed me to find my way, and the days got easier! The arguments got better lol with my husband. Meaning we were understanding why we were arguing and we were able to solve our problems better.

Well I had all of that down but guess what I got pregnant with the second child. This time the challenge was being able to balance two kids and find time for my husband. It was A CHALLENGE INDEED!

So as you can see I have only talked about them! Nothing was about me! Just my husband and my kids! I had lost myself and I had lost myself completely. My world was so wrapped up into them, I had no time for me.

I had a major event happen to me going on two years ago. I told my mom and some close friends about it. (You have to be careful who you share your business with). THAT MOMENT MADE ME REALIZE I HAD LOST ME! I then did what I knew best, which was fall on my knees and SAY GOD TAKE CONTROL OVER ME!! I gave God all of me and my focus shift to ME! I started shopping again.I started making time to get my hair done.I started making time to get my feet and nails done! I started to fix myself up(like the old folks say, child fix yourself up). I started to love on me a little bit more. I started to find TARNESHIA AGAIN! I started to say God help me balance time for me, time for my husband, and time for my kids! I started to Let God show me how to love me! I take time to myself now without my husband! Last year was the first time I went to another state with out him. Crazy I know! I find time for my kids and make sure I’m being a great mother to them. I do that by giving my full attention and time! I love on them all the time! I make sure I’m there. I find time to spend with my husband by doing date nights or just laying in his arms or on his chest. I do this very often! This allows me to LOVE MYSELF COMPLETELY when it’s my time.

God gives you one life to live! Don’t waste energy on negative things! Do the things you love without permission. I would always ask my husband if he wanted to do this or that. If he said no then it was a NO. Now if I want to do it, I DO IT!

I shop by myself. I pick a day just to hang out with myself. I love MYSELF!!! I speak to myself every morning with something inspiring. I don’t wait for anyone to inspire me! I don’t wait for anyone to tell me what to do or how I can do this or that.  If God can create you, HE CAN EQUIP YOU! I love Loving God and myself!!!!

God first and everything else will follow!



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  1. This is my favorite blog so far! I just wana follow in your footsteps on this self love journey. I think every mother gets lost and it’s so easy for us to put everyone else first. I have got to take some ME time.

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